St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
ForbesIsaiah,dentist, 85 Olive, r, same
ForbesJames,stonecutter,bds. 95 Franklin av
ForbesJamesH.,tea tea and coffee dealer, 29 Franklin av.,r. same
ForbesLeonard,(L. Forbes & Co.)r. 86 Olive
ForbesThomas,lab.,r. 185 Green
FORBES L. & CO.,Forbes(Leonard and Becker)WilliamG. H.jewelers, 88 n. Main
Forbes & Burgh,Forbes(CharlesM. and Becker)WilliamG. H.jewelers, 51 n. 6th
ForbeyGeorge,painter,r.ns.Pacific b. Pratte av. and Summit
ForbyCharles,trunkmaker,r. 300 Chouteau av
ForbyCharlesH.,trunkmaker, b. Bernard and Adams
ForbyGeorge,painter,r.ns.Pacific b. Pratte av. and Summit
ForckHenry,lab., near Barry
FordBruce,contractor,bds.U. S. Hotel
FordCharlesP.,edge tool mnfr.,ns.O'Fallon b. Main and 2d, r. 381 Broadway
FORDCHARLESW.,U. S. Express agent,bds. 112 Olive
FordDaniel,fireman,bds. 160 Green
FordGeorgeW.,(G. W. Ford & Co)r. 203 Christy avenue
FordJames, b, Webster and Lebeaume
FordJeremiah,lab.,r.s.7th b. Gratiot and Papin
FordJohn,clerk, Azariah Connelly,r.sw.c.5th and St. Charles
FordJohn,lab.,, b. Cerre and Gratiot
FordJohn,stonemason,bds.Spruce b. 13th and 14th
FordMarcus,lab., b. 21st and 22d
FordMarshal,boatman,bds. 259 n. 8th
FordMatthew,city weigher,r.18th b. O'Fallon and Cass av
FordMichael,lab., nr. Mallinckrodt
FordMichael,lab.,r. 12 Spruce
FordMichael,teamster,bds.sw.c.12th and Clark avenue
FordNancy,dress making, 76 n. 5th, r. same
FordPatrick,lab.,r.ns.Carr b. 22d and 23d
FordPatrick,lab.,, b. Cerre and Gratiot
FordSarah,wid. Patrick,r. rear 194 s. 2d
FordThomasG.,lawyer,r.nw.c.Farrar and Kossuth
FordWalter,lab.,r. 129 O'Fallon
FordWarrenC., collector, Richardson, Mellier & Co.,bds.Virginia Hotel
FordWilliam,carpenter,bds. 484 n. Main
Ford G. W. & Co.Ford(GeorgeW. and Spencer)Edwardcom. mers. 28 s, Levee and 28 s. Commercial.
FordneyAdam,carpenter,bds. 84 Franklin av
FordneyCharles,carpenter,r. 84 Franklin av
ForestesStephenC.,brickmaker, Davis b. 25th and 26th, Franklin av.b. 23d and 24th
ForenfeltJoseph,matchmaker,bds.Jackson b. Carrol and Soulard
FeristallGeorge,clerk City Hotel,r. same
ForkebJacob,harnessmaker,bds.ns.Madison near Chambers
ForkesFrancis,lab.,bds. 7 Morgan
FormanBenjamin,tinner, 263 Market, r. same
FormanJamesA., clerk, Tennent & Co.,r.6th sw.c. St. Charles
FormanMatthew,carpenter,r. alley b.14th and 15th Cass av. and O'Fallon
FormesPeter,baker,bds. 179 s. 2d
FornbergHenry,brickmaker,r.ns.Barry b. Fulton and Decatur
FornoffGeorge,barber,bds.Olive ne.c. 13th
FornoffLudwig,tailor,r.Jackson, ne.c. Carroll
FornsFrederick,shoemaker, b. Barry and Marion
ForoegarFrederickW.,lab.,r. 146 n. 9th
ForrestCharlesR.,paperhanger,bds.Randolph b. 12th and 13th
ForrestJames,lab.,bds. 52 Centre
ForrestMary,grocer,ss.Carr b. 20th and 21st, r. same