St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Fos Henry, lab., r. es. and 18th bet. Franklin av. Wash
Fosler Christopher, tailor, r. rear 297 Franklin av
Fosner John, cooper, r. ss. near Spring 13th
Foss James F., clerk, bds. Planters' House
Foss John, fireman, P. R. R. r., P. R. R. buildings
Foss John G., machinist, P. R. R. r. ss. Cooper nr. Pratte av
Foss Joseph, carpenter, bds. es. and 19th bet. n. Market Jefferson
Foss Lewis, blacksmith, r. 109 Carr
Fossal Caspar, tailor, r. es. al. bet. and Malinckrodt Destrehan Bellefontaine 11th
Fossal Frank, tailor, r. and 12th bet. O'Fallon Cass avenue
Fosste William, lab., r. near 17th Bremen av
Foster Anthony M., bricklayer, r. 130 n. 11th
Foster Antony, plasterer, bds. 303 Carondelet av
Foster Charles H., student, r. 93 n. 16th
Foster Elijah, machinist, r. es. and 9th bet. Carr Biddle
Foster Ephraim, clerk, James Clark & Co., bds. ss. near Washington av. Garrison av.
Foster Frank, carpenter, r. al. bet. and 10th 11th n. O'Fallon
Foster Frank, cooper, r. al. bet. and Emmet L'esperance Jackson Columbus
Foster Frederick, lab., r. and 12th bet Franklin Wash
Foster Henry W., clerk, McDowell & Co., bds. 37 s. 4th
Foster Hugh, clerk, bds. ns. and Montgomery bet, 9th 10th
Foster James, steward, r. ns. and Gratoit bet. 10th 11th
Foster Jane, wid. James, r. rear 182 Franklin av
Foster John, brickmaker, r. rear ns. Austin bet. 15th 16th
Foster John, lab., bds. sw. c. and Levee Plum
Foster John, trunkmaker, bds. 31 Spruce
Foster John, waiter, Planters' House
Foster John T., clerk, bds. 93 n. 16th
Foster Joseph, architect, r. 170 s. 4th
Foster Margaret, wid. Joseph C., bds. 335 n. 11th
Foster Michael, collarmaker, r. Columbus se. c. L'esperance
Foster Peter, contractor, r. and Spruce b. 12th 13th
Foster Robert, moulder, r. ss. and Wash. b. 20th 21st
Foster Robert D., clerk, r. 93 n. 16th
Foster Thomas, lab., r. al. b. and Carr Biddle 6th 7th
Foster W. L., printer, bds. 312 Broadway
Foster Walter B., Pacfic Ins.Co., sec'y rooms Pine sw. c. Main
Foster William, architect, r. 170 s. 4th
Foster William H., patternmaker, 96 Gay
Foster William H., clerk, B. A. Hickman, r. 143 Green
Foster William M., shoemaker, bds. Denison House
Fostick Clarissa, wid. Julius, r. 108 Biddle
Fosz Bernard H., lab., and 13th b. Spruce Poplar
Fosz Henry, barkeeper, bds. 369 n. Main
Fosz Louis, blacksmith, r. 109 Carr
Foth Henry, lab., r. nw. c. and Dodier 16th
Foubert Edward lab., bds. 9 Benton
Fougaasmeyer Conrad, stonemason, r. es. n. and 16th b. O'Fallon Cass av
Fougherty Edmund, lab., r. ss. near P. R. R. 23d
Fougherty John, lab., r. ns. Cozzens nr. Pratte av
Fouhran Thomas, lab., r. O'Fallon nw. c. 17th
Fouler Valentine, boatman, r. 43 O'Fallon
Foulmann Henry, lab., r. ws. n. and 15th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Foulstick Peter, ploughmaker. r. 302 Morgan
Fountain Christian, widow Joseph, r. al. b. and 6th 7th Morgan Green
Fountaine Anna, widow Felix, r. Carroll ne. c. Buel
Fouvey Frederick, tailor, r. sw. c. and 13th Monroe
Fowler Edwin C., insurance agt 20 Chesnut, bds. Hotel D'Europe