St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
FOWLER I. J., county assessor, room 11 Court House r. s. 5th
Fowler James O., carpenter, r. es. and Main b. Webster Chambers
Fowler Mary A., widow Dennis, r. 26th c. Mound
Fowler Oscar, pilot, bds. 143 Green
FOWLER PATRICK, grocer, 419 Market, r.
Fowler Samuel, bricklayer, rear 172 n. 10th
Fowler Walter, overseer, St. Louis bagging and rope Co., r. ns. and Austin, b. 12th 13th
FOWLER WILLIAM, foreman 216 "Republican" newsroom r. Pine
Fox Alexander, porter, Barnum's Hotel, r. 20 Center
Fox Almon F., clerk, same Prescott House, bds.
Fox Andrew J., dauguerreotypist, 93 Washington av., r.
Fox Anthony, contractor, r. and Poplar b. 12th 13th
Fox Catharine, bds. 172 n. Green
Fox Catharine, widow Christopher, r. 35 s. 3d
Fox Charels, blacksmith, 864 Franklin av., r.
Fox Charles, clerk, r. 88 Market
Fox Charles W., (Fox & Cross) r. 272 Chesnut
Fox Charles, varnisher, r. es. and Columbia b. Lafayette Emmet
Fox E. Williams, (Child, Pratt & Co.) r. ns. and Locust b. Leffingwell Beaumont avs
Fox Frederick R., barkeeper, bds. and 2d b. Myrtle Spruce
Fox George, r. 193 n. 11th
Fox George, carpenter, r. n. and Market bet. 18th 19th
Fox Gilbert, physician, r. 357 n. 11th
Fox H., widow Jacob, r. 131 n. 11th
Fox Hannah, widow William, r. and 12th b. Poplar Randolph
Fox Henry, bricklayer, bds. 314 11th
Fox Henry, bds. 738 Broadway
Fox Henry, cook, r. 110 n. 11th
Fox Henry, harnessmaker, bds. 30 Morgan
Fox Henry C., patternmaker, r. 541 Broadway
Fox Hugh L., student, bds. and Poplar b. 12th 13th
Fox James, carpenter, r. and 12th b. Poplar Randolph
Fox James, lab., r. ns. Arsenal nr. 2d Carondelet av
Fox James E., patternmaker, r. 229 n. 2d
Fox John, carpenter, r. ss. and Carr b. 22d 23d
Fox John, lab., r. 49 Rutgers
Fox John, packer, John J. Roe & Co
Fox John, tobacconist, bds. 193 n. 11th
Fox Joseph, produce, 133 Broadway, r. Cherry
Fox Joseph A., clerk, r. rear 321 s. 5th
Fox Lawrence, lab., r. al. b. and 5th 6th Carr Biddle
Fox Michael, boatman, r. al. b. and Biddle O'Fallon 7th 8th
Fox Michael, carpenter, bds. 31 n. 12th
Fox Michael, ostler, r. 36 Myrtle
Fox Michael, lab., r. ns. Smith nr. Lewis
Fox Michael, lab.. r. and Menard b. Emmet Geyer avenue
Fox Patrick, (Thomas Duggan & Co.) r. 317 Washington av
Fox Patrick, lab., r. al. b. and 5th 6th nr. Biddle
Fox Patrick J., carpenter, r. s. and 13th b. Poplar Randolph
Fox Peter, lab., r. es. al. b. and 9th 10th Biddle O'Fallon
Fox Samuel, painter, r. 1374 Broadway
Fox Thomas, clerk, bds. and Poplar b. 12th 13th
Fox Thomas, bootmaker, r. 11 al. Cerre b. 5th 6th
Fox Thomas, grocer, 110 n. Levee, r.
Fox Thomas, malster, r. ns. and Gratiot b. 5th 6th
Fox William, carpenter, bds. s. and 12th b. Poplar Randolph
Fox William, finisher, r. 137 n. 7th
Fox William, watchman, r. and Spruce b. 18th 19th
Fox & Cross, Fox (Charles W. Cross) Joseph F. foundry, 105 s. 3d
Fox & Klein, Fox (Michael Klein) N. B. bakers, and Buel b. Lafayette Emmet
Foy James, shoemaker, bds. 302 Broadway