St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
FraserWilliamH.,clerk, C. McCauley & Co.,bds. 143 n. 5th
FrassePhillip,lab.,r. 204 n. Market
FrathasFrederick,carpenter,bds.ns.St. Charles Rock Road near Webster av
FraurigAdolph,musician,r. 221 Market
FrauenholzCaristian,lab., b. Lafayette and Emmet
FRAVELJOHN,artificial limbs, 79 Franklin av
FravelMargaret,wid. Daniel,r. 35 s. 3d
FrawleyEdward,lab.,r. 35 Centre
FrawleyMichael,lab.,r. 224 n. 5th
FranyJohn,musician,r. 189 Franklin av
FrazerCharlesW.,riverman, av.b. 18th and 19th
FrazerDaniel,carpenter, b. Chouteau av. and Labadie
FrazerEdward,clerk, Ubsdell, Peirson & Co.,r.St. Charles sw.c. 9th
FrazerElijahS.,(Frazer & Hodgen)r. 79 Spruce
FrazerErasmusC.,painter,bds. 8 Collins
FrazerJames,clerk, Ubsdell, Peirson & Co.,r.St. Charles sw.c. 9th
FrazerJohn,tailor,r. 67 s. 4th
FrazerJohnF.,printer,r.c.Fulton and Barry
FrazerJoseph,carpenter,bds.ns.s.6th b. Chouteau av. and Labadie
Frazer & Hodgen,Frazer(ElijahS. and Hodgen).JohnT.physicians, 66 Walnut
FrazierWilliamH.,steamboat clerk,bds. 95 Washington av
FreadmanAdolphus,clerk, rooms 5th nw.c. Franklin av
FreadmannChristopher,engineer,r.ns.Warren b. Broadway and 9th
FreadwaySusan,wid. Richard,bds. 25 Centre
Frebercook, river,r. 57 Wash
FrechHub.,cooper,bds,c.Soulard and Rosatti
FreckmanStephen,feedstore,c.Jackson and Lami, r. same
FredekingHenry,bookkeeper, Fallenstein and Gauss,bds, 186 n. 9th
FredemannJohn,lab., Market and Estelle
FrederMatthias,cooper.bds. 366 n. 2d
FredergFrancis,carpenter,r. 275 Carondelet av
FrederichJacob,lab., Jackson and Columbus near Marion
FREDERICIJOHN,groceries groceries and liquor dealer,ne.c.3d and Lombard, Lombard b. 2d and 3d
FrederickAdam,harness and collar maker,bds. 489 Morgan
FrederickAmos,carpenter,bds.Broadway sw.c. Madison
FrederickCalvinH.,(C. H. Frederick) & Co.,r. 75 n. 18th
FrederickCatharine,wid. Adam,r. 427 s. 7th
FrederickCharles,merchant,r.s.7th near Ann av
FrederickGeorge,ice dealer, dealer, b. Columbia, and Bates and saloon, 5 Green r. same
FrederickJohn,gardener, nr McNair
FrederickLewis,clerk,r. 96 s. 2d
FrederickMatthew,driver,bds. 5 Green
FrederickWasch,pianomaker, 232 Franklin av.,r. same
FrederickWilliam,bricklayer,bds, 161 n 4th
FrederickWilliam,wagonmakerws.Broadway bet. Bremen av. and Angelica
Frederick C. H. & Co.,Frederick(CalvinH. and MorrisHiramhats and caps, 33 n. 4th
FredericksHenry,lab., rd.b. Malinckrodt and Destrehan
FredericksWilliam,farmer, John How
FrederingWilliam,lab.r.n.2d near n. Market
FrederkinkWilliam,planer,r. 272 n. 13th
FredinckzenFritz,painter, bet. Geyer av. and Allen av
FredingFrederickW.,(Westereck & Freding)r. 65 s. 2d
FredlingsDorfH.,carver,r.Easton bet. Barton and Victor