St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
BakerHenryC.,machinist,bds.47 St. Charles
BakerHenryH.,porter T. & C. Slevin,bds.ns.Biddle, bet. 11th and 12th
BakerJacob,tinsmith, alley bet.,10th and 11thnear Biddle
BakerJames,lab.,r.132 Collins
BakerJohn,bds.186 Market
BakerJohn,chair maker,bds.16th, bet. Biddle and O'Fallon
BakerJohn,clerk Harris & Moore,r.2 Washington Court, bet. 8th and 9th
BakerJohn,lab., and 14th
BakerJohn,physician,113 n. 7th, r. same
BakerJohn,secretary Laclede Insurance Co.,r.Papin, sw.c. 11th
BakerJohnF.,(Baker, Mills & Co.,)bds.74 n. 5th
BakerJohnF.,(Thomas E. Tutt & Co.,)r.61 St. Charles
BakerJohnP.,baker,1023 Broadway, r. same
BAKERJOSEPH,clerk City Council,r.167 n. 7th
BakerJoshua,lab.,r.136 Mulberry
BakerKalsaina,harness maker,r.60 Plum
BakerLeakenD.,(L. D. Baker & Co.,) and J. B. Gibson & Co.,)r.264 Morgan
BakerLeanderH.,physician,r.42 St. Charles
BakerLevinH.,31 Green, r. Washington av.,nw.c. 13th
BakerMichael,engineer,r.103 Poplar
BakerPeter,lab.,r.245 Carondelet av
BakerPhilip,bricklayer,bds.60 Morgan
BakerRalph,, bet. Brooklyn and Webster
BakerRobert,agtPeter Lindell,r.144 Collins
BakerRobert,lab.,r.Arsenal, nw.c. Jefferson av.
BakerRobert,riverman,bds.181 n. 4th
BakerSamuel,salesman,r.53 n. 5th
BakerSamuelS.,bookkeeper John R. Lionbergerbds.146 Pine
BakerSarahJ.,widow James,r.84 Morgan
BakerStephen,lab.J. R. Finlay & Co
BakerTheodore,auction and com.,275 Broadway, r. 73 Wash
BakerThomas,carpenter,r.ns.Orange, bet. 18th and 19th
BakerThomas,(Durant& Co.,)r.Chicago
BakerWalter,wagon maker,376 Franklin av.,bds. Gay. bet. 17th and 18th
BAKERWILLIAMB.,Secretary Chamber of Commerce and editor St. Louis Price Current, bet. Cerre and Gratiot
BakerWilliamR.,(McCormick & Baker,)r.13 n. 13th
BakerWilsonC.,(W. C. Baker & Co.,)r.260 Morgan
Baker L. D. & Co.,Baker and LeakenD.Gibson.)John B.carpenters and builders,es.11th bet. Cass av. and O'Fallon
BAKER W. C. & Co.,Baker and (WilsonC.Watson,) weighers,79 Commercial
BAKER, MILLS & CO.,Baker,(JohnF.WilliamMills and H.dry goods,234 and 236 Broadway
BAKEWELLHENRY,Sheffield steel and file warehouse,n.Main c. Morgan, r. Bellefontaine, ne.c. Salisbury(See advt. p. 28.)
BakewellRobertA.,(Garesché & Bake well,), s. of Chouteau av
BalakJohn,tailor, av., near Buel
BaldaaPeter,blacksmith,, bet. Columbus and Jackson
BaldersAdam,cooper,bds.283 Franklin av
BaldwinElias,nw.c.Easton and Barton
BaldwinJohn,captain,bds.150 n. 14th
BaldwinJohn,78 and 80 Pine
BaldwinJohn,cigar maker,bds.31 n. 16th
BaldwinJohnM.,clerk Baldwin & Dodd, rooms 5th, nw.c. Locust
BALDWINLEWISS.,copper lightning rods,57 Washington av.,bds. Missouri Hotel.
BaldwinS.,carpenter,bds.141 n. 13th
BaldwinSamuelW.,(Baldwin & Dodd,) New York