St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
GahanRichard,laborer,r.nw.c.23d and Carr
GahanWilliam,blacksmith,r. 106 Myrtle
GahlWilliam,shoemaker,r. 19 Rutger
GahnNicholas,saddler, 21st and 22d
GahnerFrancis,r. 158 Franklin av
GahonPatrick,lab.,bds. 199 n. 7th
GaierFrancis, teacher, Academy Christian Brothers
GainesJohnson,,bds. 106 n. 4th
GainsPatrick,furniture car,r.ns.Monroe bet. 14th and 15th
GairnsJohnC.,bds. 17 Walnut
GaislerFrederick,carpenter,r.ns.Pratte av. near Elizabeth
GaismeyerPaul,tin and coppersmith,ss.Cedar bet. 2d and Main, r. same
GalagherWilliam,harnesscleaner,bds.n.6th bet. Morgan and Green
GalahairJohn, av. and 20th
GalbraithRobert,stairbuilder,bds. 41 s. 14th
GalbraithSamuel,r. 388 Franklin av
GaleDanielB.,(Greeley & Gale)r. 37 Lucas Place
GaleIsaiah,grocer,Olive ne.c. 12th, bds. 11 n. 13th
GaleJane,wid. Frederick,r. 62 n. 10th
GalesHenry,tanner, b. Carondelet av. and Alby
GalibertTheodore,(T. & Galibert & Co)r. 78 Brooklyn
GALIBERT & CO,Galibert(Theodore and Weekes)GeorgeR.leather and wines, 48 Commercial and 24 n. Levee.(See advt. p. 90.)
GalighenJames,lab.,r.ns.Cass 11th
GalighenPatrick,lab.,r.ns.8th b. O'Fallon and Cass av
GalivinJ.,lab.,r.Bellefontaine Road b. Dock and Harrison
GallCharles,lab., and Columbus nr. Miller
GallThomas,carpenter,bds. 83 s. 2nd
GallagerEdward,carpenter,Commercial alley bet. Washington av. and Green
Gallagherbricklayer,r. 115 Franklin av
GallagherAmbrose, clerk, Archer, Whiteside & Co., and Washington av
GallagherAnthony,printer,r. 190 n. 7th
GallagherCatharine,wid. John,r. 26 Morgan
GallagherCharles,newspaper carrier,r.ns.Market b. Pratte av. and Beaumont
GallagherEdward,grocer, 207 n. 8th, r. same
GallagherEugene,lab.,r.18th b. O'Fallon and Cass avenue
GallagherJames,lab.,r. rear 203 n. 13th
GallagherJames,lab., and 10th near Biddle
GallagherJames,porter,bds. 65 Green
GallagherJames,lab., and 2d nr. Elm
GallagherJohn,(Markland & Gallagher)r.Biddle b. 9th and 10th
GallagherJohn,dyer and scourer, 79 Olive, r. 110 Morgan
GallagherJohn, overseer, St. Louis bagging and Rope Co
GallagherJohn,painter,bds.n.18th bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
GallagherJohn,saloon,9th ne.c. Biddle, r. same
GALLAGHERJOHN,saloon and boarding house, 96 n. Levee, r. same
GallagherJohn,teamster,bds.20th and Maiden Lane
GallagherMichael,lab.,r.Maiden Lane
GallagherMichael,lab.,r. 75 Biddle
GallagherMichael,lab.,r. rear Spruce b. 12th and 13th
GallagherPatrick,blacksmith,r. 466 n. Main
GallagherPatrick,lab., av and 7th, Geyer and Allen avs
GallagherPatrick, and boarding, 100 n. Levee r. same
GallagherPeter,lab., and Bates nr. Lewis
GallagherTerrence,teamsterr. 455 Morgan
GallagherThomas,barkeeper,bds. 283 n. 7th