St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
GAULT & BAXTER,GaultWilliamD.Baxter)Williamhardware, 162 Market
GausHenry,bosmaker,r. 332 Wash
GausThomas,wagon mnfr. and blacksmith, 10 Plum, r. same
GaussmannHenry,charcoal dealer,r. 107 n. 18th
GausnellGeorge, jr.,bds. 106 n. 4th
GaussCharlesF.,(Krausse, Hunicke & Gauss)r. 133 s. 5th
GaussCharlesW.,(Fallenstein & Gauss)r. 133 s. 5th
GautierMare,coffee house,r.ns.Lombard b. Main and 2d
GavanGeorge,policeman,r.Poplar b. 12th and 13th
GavanThomas,lab.,r.18th b. O'Fallon and Cass av
GaversJohnH., foreman, J. & A. Arnot, rooms 63 Chesnut
GaviganFrancis,waiter,Planters' House
GavinGeorge,clerk police department,r.ns.Poplar b. 12th and 13th
GavinMichael,cabinetmaker,r.7th near Park av
GavinMichael,lab.,r. 2 Carr
GavinMichael,pilot,bds. 37 s. 4th
GavinMichael,sailmaker,r.7th nr. Park av
GavinPatrick,shoemaker,nw.c.Wash and 24th
GawEdward,porter,Planters' House
GaweEdward,lab.,r. rear 148 n. 10th
GayCharles,trunkmaker,bds. 148 n. 14th
GayEdwardJ.,(Edward J. Gay & Co)r.Myrtlese. c. 5th
GayElizabethJ.,wid. George A.,r. 455 n. 9th
GayGeorge,(Gay & Co)r. 55 n. 8th
GayJohn,carpenter,bds. 214 Market
GayJohn,engineer,bds. 148 n. 14th
GayJohnAlexander,clerk,r.4th nw.c. Myrtle
GayJohnH.,r.4th nw.c. Myrtle
GayJoseph,engineer,bds. 148 n. 14th
GayLouisa,wid. John,r. 148 n. 14th
GayNewtonS.,(Gay & Co) b. Leffingwell and Ewing avs
GayThomas,clerk, av. near 14th
GayWilliamH.,boarding, 242 Morgan, r. same
GayWilliamT.,(Edward J. Gay & Co)r. 24 Lucas Place
GAY & CO.,NewtonS.Gay)George china, glass and queensware, 103 n. 4th
GAY EDWARD J. & CO.,Gay,EdwardJ.GayWilliamT. and Edwards)Williamwho. grocers 34 and 36 n. 2d, Gay's Buildings, Pine sw.c. 2d
GaydonAndrew,tailor, and 8th s. of Mullanphy
GaydonAnthony,tailor,r. 315 n. 7th
GaylordBenjaminB.,(Gaylord, Son & Co.)r.Portsmouth, O
GaylordCharlesA.,bookkeeper,bds.Everett House
GaylordErastus,(E. Gaylord & Son)r.ns.Chouteau av.b. 13th and 14th
GaylordErastusH.,(John Anderson & Co.)r. 19 n. 11th
GaylordJosiah,(E. Gaylord & Son)bds.ns.Chouteau av.b. 13th and 14th
GAYLORDSAMUELA.,teller Boatman's Savings Associationbds.ns.Chouteau 13th and 14th
GaylordThomasG.,(Gaylord, Son & Co.)r.Cincinnati
GaylordW. E.,liquors,bds.Clarendon Hotel
GaylordWilliamF.,conductor Pacific R. R.,r.ns.Austin near 14th
GAYLORD E. & SON,(Eratus and Josiah A.)brokers, 33½ Olive
GAYLORD, SON & CO.,Gaylord,BenjaminB.GaylordThomasG. and Colcord)Williamiron, 308 Main
GaynorThomas,lab.,r. 26 O'Fallon
GaynorWilliam,plumber,bds.8th se.c. Biddle
GAY'S BUILDINGS,2d nw.c. Pine
GazzalichAntonio,fruit stand,4th and Washington 4th and 5th and Olive and Pine
GazzamBreadingJ.,(Douglas, Gazzam & Co.)r.ns.Olive b. 11th and 12th