St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Gellner John, cooper, r. 144 n. 13th
Gelona Antonio, grocer, 38 n. Levee, r. Locust se. c. Levee
Gelser John, shoemaker, Rock Spring, r. same
Gelzheuser Andrew, butcher, 2 South Market, r. s. 3d
Gemmill Joseph B., (Yallouby & Gemmill) rooms 246 n. 5th
Gempp Franklin B., bookkeeper, r. es. and Carondelet av. b. Miller Barry
Gempp Henry C., druggist, 35 Carondelet av., r.
Gempp Sophia, wid. Henry, r. 35 Carondelet av
Gemsendorf Joseph, painter, bds. 164 Carondelet av
Geneb Pasquale, bds 26 Walnut
Geners Mary, r. ws. and 9th b. Biddle O'Fallon
Geng Sylvester, lab., r. es. and Broadway b. Angelrodt Destrehan
Genge Henry, gardener, r. near 26th Hebert
Gensmann Adam, lab., r. rear ns. Marion Columbus
Gent Christian, shoemaker, r. ns. n. and Market b. 13th 14th
Gent Henry, lab., bds. ns. n. and Market b. 13th 14th
Genter August, painter, bds. 830 Broadway
Genther Vincent, shoemaker, r. 11 Myrtle
Gentil Paul, printer, bds. ss. and Washington av. b. 5th 6th
Gentry Crato C., printer, bds. 135 Green
Gentry Joseph M., student, bds. 126 n. 3d
Gentry William T., (Woods, Christy & Co) r. Philadelphia
Gentsch Charles B., freight agent, bds. 37 and 39 Walnut
Genung Alfred, engineer, r. ns. Dodier nr. 15th
Genzel Frederick, shoemaker, r. 363 Franklin av
Geohagan Samuel, clerk, bds. 80 s. 4th
Geoke Henry, tailor, r. 446 Carondelet av.
Geon James, Deputy Sheriff, r. 37 Lombard
George August, shoemaker, r. es. 14th nr. Howard
George Catherine, wid. Conrad, r. es. 14th, nr. Webster
George Charles H., clerk, Shapleigh, Day & Co., bds. es. and 11th bet. Market Clark av
George Charlotte, wid. James, es. and 11th b. Clark av. Market
George Freeman C., clerk, Quartermaster Dept., bds. es. and 11th b. Clark av. Market
George Gabriel, carpenter, r. ss. and Park av. bet. Menard Rosatti
George Henry, boatman, r. 334 n. 6th
George Henry, clerk, r. 131 n. 15th
George Henry, dry goods, 24 Franklin av., r. 15th b. Carr Biddle
George Henry, engineer, bds. Cincinnati House.
George Henry, machinist, bds. 80 Morgan
George Jacob, trunkmaker, r. es. 14th ab. Webster
George James, bricklayer, r. 66 s. 6th
George Ludwick, lab., r. 199 n. 12th
George Paul, clerk, bds. and Pratte av. Barnard
Gephardt Augustus, scalemaker, r. 10th se. c., Spring
Gepphart Elizabeth, wid. Jacob, r. ws. and Congress b. Trudeau Douchouquette
Gepphart Frederick, stonemason, r. ws. and Congress, b. Trudeau Douchouquette
Gerard James J., rooms 123 n. 3rd
Gerard Latitia, wid. John B., bds. 209 Pine
Gerard Thomas R., carpenter and builder, nw. c. and Targee Spruce, r. Manchester road op. Summit av
Geraghty Roger, drayman Berthold, Smith & Co., r. 312 Biddle
Geran Daniel, lab., r. 156 n. 16th
Gerber George, carpenter, r. 36 s. 14th
Gerber Laurence, butcher, bds. 830 Broadway
Gerber Theodore, teacher, r. 258 s. 5th
GERBER VALENTINE, fruit dealer, 200 Broadway, r. ns. Wash bet. 24th Pratte rd. av
Gerbus Xavier, lab., bds. Carondelet, nr. Chippewa
Gerhowsky Charles, saloon 71 Market, r.
Gerdelmann Friederich, policeman, r. 16th c. Farrar