St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
GildersleveGeorge,riverman,bds. 266 Biddle
GildeyPatrickJ.,waiter,Planters' House
GileAbsalomG.,(R. B. Snow & Co)bds.3d nw.c. Green
GilesDavid,iron melter,r.ns.Ferry opp. rolling mill
GilesElizabeth,wid. Peyton,r. 28 s. 6th
GilesGeorge,whitewasher,r. 80 Washington av
GilesGeorgeC.,(col'd) drayman,r. rear 100 Myrtle
GilesMark,trunkmaker,bds.Simon House
GilesThomas,foreman, gas worksr. alley b. 3d and 4th near Convent
GilesThomas,lab.,r. rear 289 s. 5th
GilfillanJohnA.,teacher, b. Chouteau av. and Gratiot
GilfillanSamuelM.,bookkeeper,r.ns. alley b. 14th and 15th and Franklin av. and Wash
GilfillanSamuelM., bookkeeper, Republican office,bds.sw.c.3d and Market
GilfinDynes,r. 249 n. 9th
GilhoolyPeter,lab.,r. 263 n. 12th
GilkeFrancis,engineer,,c.Broadway and Webster
GilkesonJohnM., clerk, Samuel & Allen,bds.Virginia Hotel
GilkoyneJohn,lab.,r. 240 n. 2d
GillDeliaL.,wid. William,r. 136 n. 13th
GillGeorgeH.,(Gill & Bro)r. 127 s. 5th
GillGeorgeH.,engineer,bds. 106 Morgan
GillJohn,brickmaker,r.O'Fallon nw.c. 17th
GillJohn, type caster, Ladew, Peers & Co
GillJohnJ.,stoves, 227 Broadway, r. 62 n. 15th
GillJohnR.,riverman,bds. 201 Broadway
GillThomasM., clerk, Bridge, Beach & Co.,r. 62 n. 15th
GillWilliam,auctioneer,bds. 302 Broadway
GillWilliamC.,dentist,r. 62 n. 4th
GillWilliamP., salesman, Sewell & Bro.,bds.Washington House
Gill & Bro.,(George H. and Gill)furnishing goods, 95 n. Main
GilleJohn,shoemaker,bds. 177 n. 4th
GillenJohn,moulder,bds. 158 n. 5th
Gillespie,Alexander,foundry,r. 81 n. 10th
GillespieEllenJ.,wid. Charles,bds. 396 Market
GillespieJames,boatman,r. alley b. Cass av. and O'Fallon e. of 7th
GillespieJames,machinist,r. 283 n. 6th
GILLESPIEJAMESL.,lawyer, 39 Pine, bds. 146 n. 3d
GillespieJohnA.,lab.,bds. 351 n. Main
GillespieWilliam,upholsterer,bds.Bruner House
GillespyJamesL.,lab.,bds. 263 Green
GilletBarnard,boatman,r. 133 O'Fallon
GilletEdward,carpenter,r. 78 Spruce
GilletFrancis,driver,r. 78 Spruce
GillettCharlotte,widow Augustus,r. 98 Wash
GillettF., blacksmith, works Theodore Salorgne
GillettJulia,milliner, 219 Carondelet av.,r. same
GilletleyJohn,meatdealer,r. 185 Broadway
GillfoySamuel,engineer,bds. 354 n. Main
GillhamJohnN.,(Randle & Gillham)r.Randle House
GillhamWilliamP.,clerk, 290 Broadway
GilliamGeorge, salesman, J. Symes & Co.,bds.sw.c.St. Charles and 6th
GillickPatrick,lab.,r.s.7th b. Gratiot and Papin
GilliesWilliam,blacksmith,bds. 348 n. 7th
GilliganCharles,lab.,bds. 10 Morgan
GilliganElizabeth,widow Peter,r. 224 Franklin av
GilliganGeorge,carpenter,r.Division b. 19th and 20th
GilliganJohn,corkdealer,r. 224 Franklin av
GilliganMark,(Killoran & Gillgan)r. rear 158 n. 10th
GilliganMary,widow Michael,r. rear 72 n. 11th
GilliganWilliam,corkdealer,r. 224 Franklin av
Gilliland John,bricklayer,bds.Spruce bet. 14th and 15th
GillmartenJohn,lab.,r. rear 179 n. 12th