St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
GorayHenry,haircurler, Russell and Ann avs
GoreJohnP.,blacksmith, near Bremen avenue
GoreManning,blacksmith,ss.Chouteau 7th and 8th, r. same
GoreMary,boarding, 124 n. 7th, r. same
GoreMaston,blacksmith,r. 213 n. 9th
GoreNicholas,tanner,r.Jackson bet. Barton and Victor
GoreStephensD.,(Helfenstein, Gore & Co) bet. Chouteau and Park avs
GoreWilliamH.,(Smyth, Gore & Co)r.Webster Station Pacific R. R.
GoreyJohn,carpenter,r. 11 Florida
GorgerWilliam,(Ruppele & Gorger)r.Bellfontaine rd. and Harrison
GorguousEdward,butcher,r.ns.Joab bet. Sarah and Caroline
GorhamJohn,painter,bds. 351 Broadway
GORINGLADDIN,grocer,ws.12th bet. Pine and Olive, r. 204 Olive
GoringGodfred,porter,r. 203 n. 8th
GoringJoseph,bds. 302 Broadway
GorlaJoseph,saloon, 52 n. Levee and 26 n. Levee, r. same
GortletzRichard,cigarmaker,,bds. 157 n. 3d
GormanBrian, bet. Franklin av. and Wash
GormanDennis,contractor,r.n.Market bet. 18th and 19th
GormanFrancis,lab.,r. 202 s. 5th
GormanHenry,lab.,bds.Clark 15th and 16th
GormanJames,brickmaker,ns.Carondelet av.nw.c. Lancaster
GormanJames,lab.,r. 32 n. 16th
GormanJames,lab.,r. 339 Broadway
GormanJohn,drayman,bds. 484 n. Main
GormanJohn,lab.,r. 156 n. 16th
GormanJohn,lab., bet. Alby and Maiden lane
GormanJohnP.,(M. Rourke & Co.)bds. 273 n. 6th
GormanKysan, bet. Pentose and Bremen av
GormanMary,wid. James 104 Christy av
GormanMathew,fireman, GasWorks,bds. 219 s. 2d
GormanMichael,lab.,bds. rear 441 Broadway
GormanMichael,stonecutter,bds. 32 n. 16th
GORMANMICHAELJ.,saddler, 249 Broadway, r. same
GormanOwen,teamster,bds. 12 Gay
GormanPatrick,bricklayer,r. 32 n. 16th
GormanPatrick,lab.,r. 12 Gay
GormanPatrick,miller,r. 25 Lewis
GormanRichard,lab.,bds. 41 s. Levee
GormanRichard,lab.,r.Jackson, se.c. Soulard
GormanTeresa,wid. John,r. 180 Locust
GormanThomas,stonecutter,bds. 32 n. 16th
GormanThomas,lab.bds. 24 s. 10th
GormanThomas,lab.,bds.18th bet. Davis and Cass avenue
GormanThomas,plasterer,r.ns.Franklin 21st and 22d
GormanThomas,stonecutter,bds. 32 n. 16th
GormanPatrick,lab.,r. 228 n. 8th
GormleyEdward,blacksmith,r. 47 s. 10th
GormonPatrick,lab.,r. rear 182 Wash
GormonTimothy,carpenter,bds.Keelty's Hotel
GorstorfJane,teacher,r. 34 Carondelet av
GorstorfVeronica,wid. Ephraim B.,r. 34 Carondelet avenue
GortonC. A.bds 295 Broadway
GortonWilliamR.,(J. C. Havens & Co.)bds.Monroe House
GoschGeorge,(Scheuble & Gosh)r. 113 n. 2d
GosejohannHermann,F.(Hasel & Co)r. 120 n. 8th
GoslingCharles,turner, near Jefferson
GosmannHermann,carpenter,r.10th ne.c. Chamber