St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Gray William C., engineer, r. es. near Kosciusko L'esperance
Gray William E., (Gray & Bro.) bds. and 5th bet. Wash Franklin av
Gray & Brother, (William E.) carpenters, 56 Locust
Gray & Crawford Gray (Edward P. Crawford) James M. books and stationery, 54 n. 4th
Graytolf Magdeline, wid. Jacob, r. 158 Franklin av
Graytolf William, coachpainter, r. 158 Franklin av
Gread Michael, lab., r. al. bet. and Biddle O'Fallon 7th
Greahmer Christ, paver, r. es. and Columbus bet. Marion Carroll
Greannar William, ropespinner, bds. ss. and Franklin av. bet. 21st 22d
Grear Samuel, carpenter, bds. es. near 11th Market
Greaser Charles, carpenter, r. al. bet. and Rosatti 13th Park av
Greash Georick, moulder, r. and Menard bet. Emmet Lafayette av
Greasley Robert, watchman, r. al. bet. and 13th 14th Cass av
Great Western Dispatch, S. M. Gray, agent, 12 n. Main
Greaves George H., stairbuilder, and Gamble av. bet. Mercer Naomi, r.
Greaves John, clerk, B. F. Crane & Co., bds. 166 Locust
Greaves John, watchmaker, rooms 89 n. 4th
Grebe Henry, carpenter, r. al. bet. and 10th 11th n. O'Fallon
Grebel Charles F., clerk, bds. Rock Springs
Greber Henry, tailor, rooms 361 Franklin av
Greble Joseph, carpenter. bds. 22 n. 12th
Gredel Henry, cigarmaker, r. 84 Franklin av
Gredel Philip (Gredel & Lewellen) r. 518 Morgan
Gredel & Lewellen Gredel (Philip Lewellen) John feed store, 522 Morgan
Gredy John G., upholsterer, r. ss. and Wash al. bet. 17th 18th
Greel Michael, wagonmaker, bds. 6 s. 9th
Greeley Carlos S., (Greely & Gale) r, Lucas place nw. c. 16th
GREELEY & GALE Greeley, (Carlos S. Burnham, Cyrus B. Gale) Daniel B. whol. grocers, 86 n. 2nd
Greemann Caspar, stonecutter, r. ws. al. bet. and Jackson Columbus Miller
Green Abner, machinist, r. and Morton bet. Chouteau av. Hickory
Green Alexander, porter, (col'd) r. es. and 9th bet Walnut Clark av
Green Caleb, bookkeeper, C. F. Shultz & Bro., r. ss. and Gamble av. bet. Mercer Naomi
Green Charles, furniture, 174 Franklin av., r.
Green Charles, music teacher, bds. 77 St. Charles
Green Charles C., com. mer., r. and 15th bet. Spruce Poplar
Green Charles W., (Green & Bro) r. 137 Chesnut
GREEN COLES, physician, 253 Broadway, r. Broadway
Green Cyrus S., (C. S. Green & Co) r. 107 Collins
Green, Daniel, gardener, r. Gravois rd. ne. c. Arsenal
Green David P., r. 5 n. 9th
GREEN E. R., lawyer, rooms 8 Pine sw. c. 3d, r.
Green Edward, waiter, (col'd) r. 14 Spruce
Green Fanny, washwoman, (col'd) r. 164 n. 9th
Green Frederick, lab., r. 2 Convent
Green Garritt lab., r. al. bet. and Menard Rosatti nr. Ohio
Green George, r. 27 s. 14th
Green George, lab., r. ss. and Christy av. bet 20th 21st
Green Green stonecutter, r. ws. n. and 15th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Green George, weaver, ws. and 10th bet. Clark av. Market