St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
GrayWilliamC.,engineer, near L'esperance
GrayWilliamE.,(Gray & Bro.)bds.5th bet. Wash and Franklin av
Gray & Brother,(WilliamE.) carpenters, 56 Locust
Gray & CrawfordGray(EdwardP.Crawford)JamesM. books and stationery, 54 n. 4th
GraytolfMagdeline,wid. Jacob,r. 158 Franklin av
GraytolfWilliam,coachpainter,r. 158 Franklin av
GreadMichael,lab., and O'Fallon near 7th
GreahmerChrist,paver, bet. Marion and Carroll
GreannarWilliam,ropespinner, 21st and 22d
GrearSamuel,carpenter, near Market
GreaserCharles,carpenter, and 13th near Park av
GreashGeorick,moulder,r.Menard bet. Emmet and Lafayette av
GreasleyRobert,watchman, and 14th near Cass av
Great Western Dispatch, S. M. Gray, agent, 12 n. Main
GreavesGeorgeH.,stairbuilder,Gamble Mercer and Naomi, r. same
GreavesJohn, clerk, B. F. Crane & Co.,bds. 166 Locust
GreavesJohn,watchmaker, rooms 89 n. 4th
GrebeHenry,carpenter, and 11th n. of O'Fallon
GrebelCharlesF.,clerk,bds.Rock Springs
GreberHenry,tailor, rooms 361 Franklin av
GrebleJoseph,carpenter.bds. 22 n. 12th
GredelHenry,cigarmaker,r. 84 Franklin av
GredelPhilip(Gredel & Lewellen)r. 518 Morgan
Gredel & LewellenGredel(Philip and Lewellen)John feed store, 522 Morgan
GredyJohnG.,upholsterer, 17th and 18th
GreelMichael,wagonmaker,bds. 6 s. 9th
GreeleyCarlosS.,(Greely & Gale)r,Lucas place nw.c. 16th
GREELEY & GALEGreeley,(CarlosS.Burnham,CyrusB. and Gale)DanielB. whol. grocers, 86 n. 2nd
GreemannCaspar,stonecutter, and Columbus near Miller
GreenAbner,machinist,r.Morton bet. Chouteau av. and Hickory
GreenAlexander,(col'd) porter, bet Walnut and Clark av
GreenCaleb, bookkeeper, C. F. Shultz & Bro., Mercer and Naomi
GreenCharles,furniture, 174 Franklin av.,r. same
GreenCharles,music teacher,bds. 77 St. Charles
GreenCharlesC.,com. mer.,r.15th bet. Spruce and Poplar
GreenCharlesW.,(Green & Bro)r. 137 Chesnut
GREENCOLES,physician, 253 Broadway, r. 238 Broadway
GreenCyrusS.,(C. S. Green & Co)r. 107 Collins
Green,Daniel,gardener,r.Gravois Arsenal
GreenDavidP.,r. 5 n. 9th
GREENE. R.,lawyer, rooms 8 Pine sw.c. 3d, r. same
GreenEdward,(col'd) waiter,r. 14 Spruce
GreenFanny,(col'd) washwoman,r. 164 n. 9th
GreenFrederick,lab.,r. 2 Convent
GreenGarrittlab., and Rosatti nr. Ohio
GreenGeorge,r. 27 s. 14th
GreenGeorge,lab., 20th and 21st
GreenGreenstonecutter, bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
GreenGeorge,weaver,ws.10th bet. Clark av. and Market