St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Green Gilliad, ambrotypist, 253 Broadway
Green Harvey, engineer, St. Louis bagging and rope Greene Louis bagging and rope Company
Green Henry, barber, 106 n. 3d, r.
Green Henry, r. 256 Olive
Green Henry C., clerk, James J. McBride, rooms 3d se. c. Pine
Green Henry S., Treas. St. Louis Theatre, r. 17 Morgan
Green Hoyt, machinist, bds. Matteson Hotel
Green Hugh, lab., 13 Washington Court b. 8th 9th
Green Ira T., bds. 27 s. 14th
Green Isaac T., r. 34 Howard
Green Israel, carpenter, bds. 76 n. 16th
Green John, clerk, bds. 384 Market
Green John, crockery, 741 Broadway, r. Jefferson
Green John, lab., r. 46 n. 10th
Green John, lab., r. 502 n. Main
Green John S., clerk, Hearsum & Clark, bds. 382 Market
Green Jonas U., (Green & Bro.) bds. Barnum's Hotel
Green Joseph, saddler, r. ss. near Chambers Glasgow avenue
Green Joseph Y., bookkeeper, r. 87 Spruce
Green Killion, peddler, r, and Hamtramck b. Emmet Julia
Green Marshall, painter, bds. 1 St. Charles
Green Martin, plasterer, r. 162 n. 14th
Green Mary, washing, (col'd) r. alley b. 3d 4th Market
Green Nathan B., (Cooper & Green) bds. ws. and Collins b. Carr O'Fallon
Green Nathan, bellhanger, bds. 126 Collins
Green Norris G., machinist, bds. 167 Green
Green Oliver, wines and liquors, 55 n. Levee, r. Pine
Green Orange F., wines and liquors, 87 s. 7th, r. Chesnut
Green Philip, maltman, c. and 2d Carondelet av. Lafayette
Green Philip, teamster, bds. ws. near 14th Chambers
Green Richard, clerk, 262 n. 8th, bds.
Green Robert, lab., r. rear 233 n. 14th
Green Robert, moulder, r. alley b. 9th 10th n. O'Fallon
Green Thomas, (Partridge & Co) rooms 112 Olive
Green Thomas, drayman, r. ws. alley b. 8th 9th Biddle
Green Thomas, riverman, bds. 177 n. 4th
Green Thomas, stonecutter, r. 176 n. 14th
Green William, carpenter, bds. 149 Walnut
Green William, carpenter, r. 14th sw. c. Chambers
Green William, deckhand, r. 192 s. 2d
Green William, drayman, r. 152 Wash
Green William, Missouri Fire Co. No. 5, r. 112 Washington av
Green William, shoemaker, r. ws. near 14th Chambers
Green William A., patternmaker, r. 21 Brooklyn
Green William H., marblecutter, r. 176 n. 14th
GREEN & BRO., (Charles W. Jones U.) boots and shoes, 113 n. Main
GREEN C. S. & CO., Green (Cyrus S. Mason) William B. clothing, who. 6 n. Main
Greendel Franz, tanner, r. ns. near Branch 16th
Greene Ann M., boarding, 337 Franklin av
Greene Charles G., (McCloy & Greene) r. es. and 15th b. Poplar Spruce
GREENE COLTON, (Hoyt, Greene & Co) r. 83 Pine
Greene Dennis, cooper, r. Wash nw. c. 6th
Greene Dennis, lab., r. 45 Wash
Greene Edward, carriagemaker, bds. 281 Morgan
Greene Edward B., gilder, bds. 170 Market
Greene George, lab., r. 565 s. 7th
Greene George F., clerk, Wm. R. Greene & Co., r. 24 n. 5th
Greene George W., frame works, r. es. alley b. 10th 11th
Greene Henry, painter, 240 n. 5th