St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
GrindonArthurS.(Engler, Wann & Co) bet. 9th and 10th
GrinerTobias,carpenter,bds.Lami bet. Carondelet av. and Jackson
GriniadFrank,carpenter,r. rear 136 n. 16th
GrinnertFerdinand,trunkmaker,r.7th sw.c. Rutgers
GrinsteadR. H., physician, officesw.c.21st and Franklin av.,r. same
GrinwaldMaria,wid. John, nr. Carrol
GrippeyThomasY.carpenter,bds, 126 n. 11th
GrisbachWilliam,tailor, near Hickory
GriscleMichael,lab.,bds. 93 Wash
GriserJohn,tanner,r.Easton nw.c. Barton
GrisleerWilliam,confectioner, 182 n. 5th
GrisonChristopher,beer saloon and boarding,Soulard ne.c. Rosatti, r, same
GrieserX.,cabinetmaker,r. rear es. 10th near Madison
GRISSOM,DANIEL,M.,asst. editor "Evening News",r. 16 Wash
GriswoldMerritW., clerk, Missouri Glass Co.,bds. 231 Chesnut
GriveyAdam,mason,r. 160 O'Fallon
GroatWilliam,stairbuilder, 66 n. 10th, r. 192 Morgan
GroblebeCharles, engineer, F. Tiemann & Co.,bds.ns.Cozzens bet. Pratte av. and High
GrobovskyAlexander,barkeeper,r. 109 n. 5th
GroderAugust,finisher,bds. 57 Chambers
GroderCharles,lab.,r. 1383 Broadway
GroderCharles,planer,r. 112 n. 16th
GroderHenry,lab.,r. 57 Chambers
GroderRudolph,printer, bet. Barlow and 11th
GroeneLouis,clerk,r. 171 Broadway
GroenemeirHenry,clerk,r. 120 n. 16th
GroeningerAdam,barkeeper,bds. 155 s. 2d
GroeningerEmily, wid. Rodolph, grocer, 123 s. 2nd, r. same
GroeningerFrederick, bookkeeper, Uhrig & Bro.,, bet. 19th and 20th
GroeningerJohn,grocer and liquors, 290 s. 2nd, r. same
GroetingJohnG.,cooper,r.n.2d, near n. Market
GroevingHenry,lab.,bds.15th near Rocky Branch
GroffAndrew,brickmoulder, and O'Fallon and 10th and 11th
GroffMariaE.,wid. John, and O'Fallon and 10th and 11th
GroffmanCharles,grocer,Carondelet av.c. Keokuk
GroganPatrick,lab., and 11th n. of O'Fallon
GroganThomas,lab., av. and Market
GroheLouis,(Grohe & Domnich) Missouri and Pratte avs
Grohe & Domnich,Grohe(Louis and Domnich)George oil cloths and window shades, 7 s. 2d and Chouteau av. near 22d
GrohmannGeorge,nailsmith,r.ns.Elizabeth bet. Toney and Joab
GrohmannJ. Frederick,cabinetmaker, 231 s. 2nd r. same
GroleguthFrederick,pianomaker,r.Wyoming near Wash
GromerPeter, foreman, St. Louis Cotton Factory,r.c.Soulard and Menard
GrompeGeorge, clerk, Adalbert Godron,bds.Chouteau av.sw.c. 7th
GRONEHENRY,(Henry Grone & Co.) soda mnfr., Market bet. 10th and 11th
GRONESTEPHENB.,druggist, 209 Morgan, r. same
GRONE HENRY & CO.,Grone,(HenryDamhorstHermann and Whellen)John soda manfr.,es.11th b. Market and Walnut
GronemannFrederickW.,billiard table maker,r.nw.c.11th and Wash
GronemannWilliam,billiard table maker,r.nw.c.Wash and 10th