St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Grosz Maria, wid. John G., r. ns. and Carr bet. 23rd 24th
Grote Augustus W., machinist, bds. and Chambers bet. 9th 10th
Grote Charles, fireman, r. C. R. Anderson
Grote Conrad, lab., r. ws. al. bet. and 8th 9th, Biddle O'Fallon
Grote Conrad, lathcutter, r. 14th se. c. Benton
Grote Francis, tailor, r. 71 s. 2d
Grote James P., composition roofer, r. 76 Locust
Grote Margaretha, wid. Henry, r. 120 n. 15th
Grote Rudolph, printer, r. Barlow sw. c. Orchard
Grotegut William, grocer and beer saloon, same Marion se. c. Menard, r.
Grothaus Herman, shoemaker, r. 519 Broadway
Grothenpaler Frank, porter, bds. 164 n. 10th
Groti Henry, r. rear Menard bet. Emmet Geyer av
Grotsch George, shoemaker, r. ss. and Chambers bet. 14th 15th
Grotsch John, cooper, r. ws. and Broadway bet. Benton Warren
Grotte William, shoemaker, r. 121 Biddle
Grotz Nicholas, froundryman, bds. 180 s. 3d
Group Charles, porter, Planters' House
Grouse John, stonemason, r. Hazel ne. c. 3d
Groush George, wagonpainter, bds. ss. and Franklin av. bet. 21st 22d
Grove Anton, lab., bds. ss. and Mallinckrodt bet. 11th 12th
Grovell Lewis, engineer, bds. 317 n. 2d
Grover Barzellai, r. ns. and Chesnut bet. 11th 12th
GROVER GEORGE M., bookseller and stationer, 159 n. Main r. es. 8th bet. Cerre Gratiot
Grover John, clerk, Charless, Blow & Co., rooms 66 n. Main
Grover Theodore, teamster, bds. es. and 14th b. Spring Wright
Grover William, bds. Everett House
GROVER WILLIAM N., lawyer, near 3d Olive, r. ns. Chesnut b. 11th 12th
Grover William, clerk, bds. ns. and Chesnut bet. 11th 12th
GROVER & BAKER, Sewing Machine Co., 124 n. 4th Verandah Row
Groves Charles, shipcarpenter, bds. 184 s. 4th
Groves John W., carpenter, r. al. b. and 16th 17th Carr Biddle
Groves Thomas, painter, r. 6 n. 15th
Growan Theresa, widow Joseph, r. and Buel b. Lafayette Emmet
Growdaves Charles, saddler, r. and Buel b. Lafayette Emmet
Grows David P., carpenter, r. ns. and Franklin av. bet. 16th 17th
Grubb Armistead O., bookkeeper, W. P. Freemna & Co., r. ss. of Franklin av. w. Garrison av
Grubb William, , Lytle, sup't Johnson & Co., r. ns. & Hickory b. Paul Ham
Grube Mary, widow Henry, r. 291 Morgan
Grubbenhoff Matthias, lab., r. Menard sw. c. Carroll
Gruber Andrew, shoemaker, 359 Carondelet av., r.
Gruber Henry, miller, r. 174 s. 2d
Gruber John, bricklayer. r. se. c. and 17th Cass av
Gruber Philip, carpenter, r. 17 Almond
Grubbs Mary A., widow Samuel, bds. 37 Mound
Gruemer Havin, lab., bds. and 11th b. Market Clark avenue
Gruen George, teamster, r. and Christian bet. 20th 21st
Gruendler Bruno, jeweller, 13 s. 4th, r.
Gruener William, ropemaker, bds. Paris House
Gruenhagen August, bookkeeper, r. Rosatti sw. c. Park av
Grugan Patrick R., r. Soulard c. Linn
Grugan Peter, cupalo man, r. c. and Linn Soulard
Gruks Andrew, lab., r. rear es. DeKalb b. L'esperance Picotte
Grume William, gardener, r. ss. and Park av. b. 2d Carondelet av. Mississippi av