St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
GutbrodJohn,(Assmann & Gutbrod) b. Lafayette and Emmet
GutgemannWilliam,drover, 474 Carondelet av
GuthAndreas,beersaloon and grocery,esColumbus b. Picotte and L'esperance, r. same
GuthJacob, teamster, Charles Eberlee, rooms 267 s. 2d
GuthJoseph,carpenter, near Pratte avenue
GuthJohn,wagonmaker, b. Columbus and Jackson
GutherLouis,beer and boarding house,se c. 23 and Franklin av.,r. same
GuthPeter,lab.,bds.Franklin av.b. 22d and 23d
GuthPeter, jr., b. Columbus and Jackson
GuthPeter, sr.,lab., b. Columbus and Jackson
GuthierJohn,barkeeper,bds. 37 s. 7th
GuthreadMartin,cooper,r.Buel b. Lafayette and Emmet
GutmannIsaac, salesman, J. Weil & Bro., rooms 32 n. Main
GutrasOlivertinner,ws.12th b. Pine and Chesnut r. same
GutshaltkJohn.,lab.,r, rear 382 s. 7th
GuttFranz,lab,, b. Soulard and Carroll
GutterWilliam,teamster,r.Buel c. Lafayette av
GuttingJohn,saddle,bds. 234 Market
GuttingMichael,grocer,Carondelet. av. near Chippewa
GutzwillerJohn,carpenter,r.Julia b. 8th and 9th
CuyJohn,carpenter, rooms ns. Chesnut b. 5th and 6th
GuyeAugust, bookkeeper, Lane & Guye, rooms 21 s. Main
GuyePaul,(Laue & Guye) b. 9th and South
GuyonJohn,shipcarpenter, b. Chouteau av. and Hickory
GuyotJohn,musician, rooms 101 s. 3d
GynanThomas,moulder, 65 Green
GyoetzFrancis,policeman,,Lombard b. 2d and 3d
HAACKEErnest,moulder, rooms 72 Plum
HaaderCatharine,wid., Frederick, and Coumbus near Miller
HaadpichFrederick,brickmaker,r.Salisbury near Hyde Park
HaagF.,butcher,r.Bellefontaine Dock and Harrison
HaagJohn,cigarmaker,bds. 237 s. 3d
HaagWilliam,bricklayer, and 13th. O'Fallon and Biddle
HaagWilliam,tailor,r. 309 s. 3d
HaagenWilliam,city translator,r 226 s. 3d
HaagsmaB. B.,bookkeeper, Crow, McCreery & Co.,bds. 10 Chesnut
HaakXavier,lab.,r.ns.Marion near Columbus
HaarstickHenryC., salesman, Molony & Tilton,r. 178 s. 3d
HaasAndrew,carpenter,bds.s.7th sw.c. Hickory
HaasBalthaser,bellmaker,r.7th b. Ann av. and Ohio
HaasElias,clothing, 191 Broadway, r. same
HAASEUGENE, fancy goods, toys &c., 106 n. 4th, r. 21 s. 3d
HaasGeorge,quarryman, b. DeKalb and Columbus
HaasJames,clerk,r. 21 s. 3d
HassJohn,tailor,r.Poplar b. 2d and 3d
HaasJohn,tailor,r.12th b. Cass av. and O'Fallon
HaasJohn,tailor,r. 150 s. 2d
HaasJohnturner,r. 79 s. 4th
HAASJOHNG.,cooper, 68 Wash, r. 64 Wash
HassJohnP.,shoemaker, rooms Franklin av.sw.c. Broadway
HaasLouis,cigarmaker,r. 122 n. 7th
HaasPeter,tailor, 361 Carondelet av