St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
HagenJames,r. 280 s. 5th
HagenWilliam, clerk, (Henry Bartner)bds. 245 Franklin av
HagenWilliam, translator, "Anzeiger des Westens,"r. 16 n. 3d
HagenahCharles,lab.,r. 224 n. 8th
HagenahClausD.,(Hagenah & Plymann)r. 320 n. 9th
Hagenah & Plymann,Hagenah(ClausD. and Plymann)Frankgrocers, 322 n 9th
HagerBernard,brickmaker,r.Rosatti b. Emmett and Geyer av
HagerCastle,carriagemaker,r. 16 Chesnut
HagerCharles,(Louis Adrian & Co.)r. 368 s. 3d
HagerCharles,saddler,bds.23d se.c. Franklin av
HagerFrank,cabinetmaker.bds. 240 Franklin av
HagerFrederick,painter,r.ns.Soulard nr. Jackson
HagerFrederickH.,cigarmaker,r. 121 Carr
HagerHenry,Hager(William and Hager)Henry rooms 16 Chesnut
HagerJohn,baker, 349 n. 2d, r. same
HagerLawrence,policeman, bet. Rutgers and Park av
HagerOtto,variety goods, 23 s. 7th, r. same
HagerSamuel,book and job printer,r.Hickory ne.c. St. Ange av
HagerWilliam,architect, bet. Howard and Brooklyn
HagerWilliam,Hager(William and Hager)Henry rooms 18 Chesnut
HagerWilliam,tobacconist,r. 429 s. 7th
HAGER WILLIAM & HENRY, carriage mnfr.,nw.c.6th and Chesnut
HagerbaumerHermann,cabinetmaker,bds. 244 Wash
HagermanHenry,fire dept.,r.sw.c.Elm and 3d
HagermanMerritt,machinest,bds. 191 n. 6th
HagermannAugust,lab., and Madison
HagermannFrederick,fishmonger, 58 Franklin av
HagermannHerman, and 12th s. Cass av
HagermannSimon, and 12th s. Cass avenue
HagertMargaret,wid. Melure,r.c.Lami and Columbus
HagertyCatherine,wid.,r.2d bet. LeBeaume and Webster
HagertyDennis,lab.,r. 59 Wash
HagertyEdward,r. 67 Carr
HagertyJames,carpenter,r. 67 Carr
HagertyJames,lab., and O'Fallon and 7th and 8th
HagertyJames,riverman,r. 65 Green
HagertyJames,waiter,r. 256 n. 2d
HagertyJohn,engineer,r. 228 n. 8th
HagertyMargaret,boarding. 95 Market
HagertyWilliam,Olive bet. Garrison and Ewing avs
HagertyWilliam,lab.,bds. 94 n. Levee
HaggartyDaniel,lab.,r. 255 n. 14th
HaggenerJoseph,lab.,bds.county near Grand av
HaggermannRichard,teamster,Stoddard Chouteau and Hickory
HaggertyAlbertH.printer,r. 337 Broadway
HaggertyFrancis,lab.,r.ns.Sidney bet. Easton and Jackson
HaggertySusanE.,wid. Hugh,bds.Barnum's Hotel
HaggertyTimothy,lab.,bds. 274 n. 13th
HaggertyWilliamH.,auctioneer, 148 n. 3d, 17th bet. Cass av. and O'Fallon
HaginJohn,painter,r. 208 High
HagmoCharles,blacksmith,bds.Moore b. 16th and 17th
HagspielJohn,candlemaker,r.s.7th nw.c. Marion
HagueJohnF.,butcher, 9 North Market Bellefontaine rdnr. Harrison
HaguetteJoseph, porter, H. B. Graham,r. 42 s. 4th
HahgelmeyerWilliam,porter, near Mullanphy
HahkenbachGeorge,shoemaker, bet. 20th and 21st
HahlGeorge,harnessmaker,r. 131 n. 18th