St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
HalloranMarywid. John,r.Davis bet. 18th and 19th
HalloranMaurice,lab.,r.18th bet. Davis and Cass avenue
HalloranThomas,teamster,bds.18th bet. Davis and Cass av
HalloranThomas,teamster,bds.18th bet. Davis and Cass av
HalloranThomas,teamster,bds.18th bet. Davis and Cass av
HallrechLeonard,Franklin av.b. Pratte and Beaumont avs
HallstronAndrewJ.,tallor,bds.Frederick House
HalmJoseph,(Stachlins & Halm)r.2d Carondelet Lafayette and Geyer avs
HalphyJames,lab.,Lucas Pratte and Beaumont avs
HALPINDENNIS,carpenter,ns.Biddle bet. 14th and 15th, bds. Market se.c. 17th
HalpinJames,lab.,r. 85 Mulberry
HalpinJames,painter,r. 25 Gay
HalpinJames,tinner,bds.Main ne.c. Green
HalpinJohn,grocer, and Market
HalpinJohn,lab.,r.ns.O'Fallon bet. 24th and 25th
HalpinJohn,steamboatman, and 4th and Market and Chesnut
HalpinMichael,carpenter,r. rear 174 Wash
HalpinPatrick,lab.,bds.ns.O'Fallon bet. 24th and 25th
HalpinPatrick,lab.,r. 42 Poplar
HalpinPatrick,porter,r.nw.c.Poplar and 2d
HalpinPeter,barkeeper,r. 180 n. 9th
HalpinThomasM.,(R. V. Kennedy & Co) 55 n. 4th
HalpinWiliam,lab., bet. 5th and 6th
HalpinWilliam,lab.,r.ns.Franklin 20th and 21st
HalsteadGeorgeW.,painter, alley bet Angelrodt and Buchanan and 11th and Bellefontaine road
HalsteadWilliamA.,carpenter, and Buchanan and 11th and 12th Bellefontaine rd
HalstedClarissa,wid. H. A.,r. 55 Collins
HalstedOrrickJ., porter, Edwin Fowler,r. 55 Collins
HALTEMANALBERTK.,Millwright, av. and Jackson near Carroll, Carroll bet. Jackson and Carondelet av.(See Card Business Directory)
HeltzhourPhilip,bricklayer,r. rear 235 Biddle
HalyMichael,grocer,ns.Franklin 20th and 21st, r. same
HalyPatrick,lab., alley bet. 8th and 9th and Biddle and O'Fallon
HamAndrewJ. bookkeeper, Bank of St. Louis,bds. 218 Chesnut
HamG. Julius, bookkeeper, Phillips & Co.,bds. 106 n. 4th
HamJames,wholesale provisions, 70 n. 2nd, r. 268 Olive
HamJohnW.,carpenter, rooms c. Lynch and Carondelet av
HamPeter, treasurer, O. M. R. R.,r. 173 Pine
HatuakerAmosG., bookkeeper, James M. Campbell,r. 463 n. 8th
HamakerMarionF.,tinsmith,bds. 11 Collins
HamanweitJulius,cigarmaker,r. 297 s. 5th
HambackJacob,shoemaker,bds. 60 Morgan
HambergerEddy, clerk, Charles Holmes,r. 109 n. 16th
HambergerFrederickW.,bread peddler,r. 11 n. 16th
HambergerHenry,goldbeater,r.esal.b.Carondelet av. and Jackson near Marion
HambergerWilliam, clerk, Charles Holmes,r. 109 n. 16th
HamberlanezFrancis,lab., and Columbus near Barry
HambletonMark,blacksmith, near Miller
HambletonSamuel, brickyard, (Craig & Hambleton)Angelrodt nw.c. 11th, Bellefontaine rd.b. Destrehan and Angelrodt