St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Hare John, clerk, r. es. and 14th bet. Webster Chambers
Hare John, lab., r. 8 Columbia
Hare Michael, lab., r. 506 n. Main
Hare Patrick, riverman, r. 94 Poplar
Hare Stephen, brickmaker, r. ns. and Davis bet. 25th Pratte av
Hare Thomas, steamboatman, r. 18 O'Fallon
Hareggruit carpenter, bds. Dennison House
Haren Charles, bookkeeper, Fritz & Wainwright, r. 321 s. 5th
Haren Thomas A., bricklayer, r. 221 Biddle
Harey John, lab., r. ss. and Madison bet. 14th 15th
Harflegkar Jacob, shoemaker, bds. 251 Carondelet avenue
Hargadine William A., (Crow, McCreery&Co) r. 137 Locust
Hargate Joseph, engraver, 25 Morgan, r. ws. 13th b. Carr Biddle
Hargeboch John, painter, r. ss. and Walnut bet. 9th 10th
Hargedore Frederick, blacksmith, bds. 9th ne. c. Warren
Hargrave Thomas, carpenter, bds. near Gravois rd. Grand av.
Hargraves Henry, bookkeeper, Von Phul, Waters & Co., r. es. and 12th b. Market Clark av
Harhaus Frederick, r. ab. 1029 Broadway
Harig Albert, (Woesten & Harig) r. ns. and Locust bet. 11th 12th
Harig Clemens, tinner, bds. es. and 11th bet. Morgan Franklin av.
Hariman Frederick, porter, r. 27 Wash
Haring John, feed dealer, 115 Carondelet av. r.
Harkeneous William, cupper and hairdresser, bds. ss. and Franklin av. bet. 22d 23d
Harklerodes Henry C., planing mill, r. 310 11th
Harklerodes John, (Smith & Harklerodes) r. 67 10th
Harkman John A., weigher, Gravois scales, bds. Gravois c. Arsenal
Harkness James, (Glasgow & Harkness) r. St. Charles
Harkness Thomas, porter, r. 150 s. 2d
Harkness William G., salesman, Charles Beardslee & bro., r. ss. and St. Charles bet. 6th 7th
Harkortte Herman, porter, r. 186 n. 10th
Harlan John, bricklayer, bds. 268 Franklin av
Harlan Morris, salesman, r. 11 n. 13th
Harlan Pleasant M., salesman, David Pearce, bds, Virginia Hotel
Harlan Thomas, J., salesman, Mead, Bro. & Co., bds. Monroe House
Harlan W. R., salesman, bds. Virginia Hotel
Harlan William R., salesman, Pomeroy, Benton & Co., bds. 59 St. Charles
Harland William V., steamfitter, bds. 104 Collins
Harland George, boots and shoes, 97 Wash, r.
Harland John, com. mer., bds. ss. and St. Charles bet. 9th 10th
Harle Henry, cattledealer, r. ws. and State bet. Allen Russell avs
Harlen William, lab., r. ns. Austin, nr. 15th
Harless Adolphus, druggist, 169 Broadway, r.
Harley David, grocer, 233 n. 2d., r.
Harley John, lab., bds. ws. and 20th b. Wash Carr
Harlick Franz, cooper, Fulton nw. c. Allen av
Harlihy Patrick, tailor, r. 577 Broadway
Harling Frederick, bootmaker, bds. 52 s. 2d
Harlock James, confectioner, r. es. and 14th b. Chambers Madison
Harlow William L., salesman, W. M. Harlow, r. 13th sw. c. Jefferson
HARLOW WILLIAM M., furniture, 82 n. 2d Market, r. Olive,
Harman Edward, stonecutter, r. 133 n. 4th
Harman James, carpenter, bds. 335 Broadway
Harman John, artist, bds. ws. s. and 6th b. Chouteau av. Labadie
Harmand John, (Marx & Co) r. 9th se. c. Chambers