St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Harris & Dudley,Harris(Oliver and Dudley)DavidP.real estateagts, 61 Walnut
HARRIS & MOORE,Harris(JohnW. and MooreGeorgeH.mer. tailors 55 n. 4th
HarrisonAbramW..physician, 295 Broadway, up stairs
HarrisonAndrewT.,clerk, 234 and 236 Broadway
HarrisonArthur,cooper, bet. 9th and 10th
HarrisonCharles,r. 306 n. 7th
HarrisonDavid,lab.,r.ns.Chambers bet. 13th and 14th
HarrisonEdwin,r.sw.c.8th and Gratiot
HarrisonFrancis,(Henry Ashbrook & Co.)bds. 826 Broadway
HARRISONGEORGET.,physician, room 927 n. 5th, r. same
HarrisonH. H.,physician,bds. 302 Broadway
HarrisonHallie,cigar store,Morgan ne.c. 4th, bds. Washington House
HarrisonHenry,(col'd)lab., b. Jefferson and n. Market
HarrisonHenry,lab., bet. O'Fallon and Cass av
HarrisonJacob,machinist,bds. 241 s. 4th
HarrisonJames,(Chouteau, Harrison & Valle) and (American Iron Mountain Co.)r.sw.c.8th and Gratiot
HarrisonJames,clerk,bds. 106 s. 4th
HarrisonJames, sexton, Episcopal Cemetery,r.sw.c.Josephine and Elizabeth
HarrisonJohn,carpenter, rear O'Fallon b. 15th and 16th
HarrisonJohn, jr., bet. 9th and 10th
HarrisonJohnD., clerk, P. O.r. 218 Pine
HarrisonJohnN.,(Humphreys, Terry & Co.)r.ns.Locust b. 11th and 12th
HarrisonJoseph,(Redmann & Harrison)r. 1424 Broadway
HarrisonJosephH.,barkeeper,r. 111 n. 14th
HarrisonMark,lab.,bds. 302 n. 7th
HarrisonNathan, machinist, Gaty, McCune & Co
HarrisonPeter,lab., and 15th and O'Fallon and Cass av
HarrisonRalph,(col'd.) porter,r. 146 rear Green
HarrisonSamuelC.,mate,r. 61 n. 10th
HarrisonThomas,cooper,r.s.10th bet. Walnut and Clark av
HarrisonWilliam,clerk, bet. 22d and 23d
HarrisonWilliam,(col'd.)r. rear 102 Morgan
HarrisonWilliam,cook,r. 63 w. Brooklyn
HarrisonWilliam,teacher, bet. 18th and 19th
HarrissonFrancis,teamster, b. Chambers and Howard
HarrissonRhody,wid. William,(col'd.) nr. Madison
HarrmanJacobclerk,r. 27 Wash
HarroganJohn,lab.,r. 137 n. 13th
HarrtageRichard,mason,bds. 266 n. Main
HarschFrank,wagonmaker,r. rear 470 n. 9th
HarschJacob,porkpacker,r. 208 High
HarshNathaniel, salesman, Sonneborn & Co., 85 Market
HarshSarah,wid. Joseph,r. 85 Market
HarshawZadia,wid. William H.,r. 114 n. 9th
HarsteChristian,founder, and Columbus, L'esperance and Emmet
HarstmannCord,clerk,bds. 62 Morgan
HartAlexander,clerk,r. 307 s. 5th
HartAlexander,passenger agtr.5th bet. Pine and Chesnut
HartAloysius,(John T. Timmermann & Co.)r. 200 s. 3d
HartAliceV.,teacher,r.ns.Carr bet. 14th and 15th
HartAnthonytinsmith,r. 200 n. 8th
HartAugust,gardener,r. 426 s. 7th
HartCharles,lab.,r. 336 s. 2d