St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Hauch William, carpenter, r. ss. and Angelrodt b. Broadway 2d
Hauck Elizabeth, r. al. b. and Picotte Trudeau DeKalb Kosciusko
Hauck Ferdinand B., tailor, 36 Pine, r. ss. Dorcas bet. 5th 6th
Hauck George, bricklayer, r. and Emmet b. Jackson Carondelet av
Hauck Jacob, (Hauck & Bro) rooms es. 2d bet. Elm Myrtle
Hauck Jacob, cooper, bds. ss. and Franklin av. b. 21st 22d
Hauck John, (Hauck & Bro) rooms es. 2d bet. Elm Myrtle
HAUCK & BRO., (John Jacob) saloon, Main se c. Walnut
Hauenstein John, policeman, r. al. b. and Convent Rutgers 3d 4th
Hauenstein Rudolph, r. Hickory sw. c. 7th
Hauer Lawrence, bartender, bds 33 n. 12th
Hauer Michael, lab., r. es. al. b. and 10th 11th Biddle O'Fallon
Hauff Morris, cook, r. ns. and Orange bet. 21st 22d
Hauffenbecker F., carpenter, r. ws. and Jackson b. L'esperance Emmet
Haug Jaques, cooper, bds. Paris House
Haughey Margaret, wid. John, bds. es. alley b. 10th 11th
Haughey Michael, carpenter, bds. 252 n. 6th
Haughton Thomas, physician, 199 Locust, resides
Hauk Columbus B., clerk, J. McCord, bds. 309 Franklin av
Hauk William, captain, r. 309 Franklin av
Haulenbeck Peter P., carpenter, 191 n. 6th
Haun Henry, stovefinisher, r. 219 n. 9th
Haunegon John, lab., r. 68 Morgan
Haunegan Thomas, lab., r. 68 Morgan
Hauplszhofer Andrew, lab., r. rear 175 s. 2d
Hauplszhofer Michael H., lab. rear 175 s. 2d
Haupt Jacob, Grand av. c. Pontiac
Haupt Peter, hairdresser, es. near Jackson Miller, r,
Haupt Peter, moulder, r. nw. c. and 17th Bremen avenue
Hauptmann Henry, boots and shoes, 14 n. 3d r
Hausbacher Martin, lab., r. Buel nr. Emmet
Hause John, cooper, r. Poplar se. c. 13th
Haüsehült Hermann, lab., r. 108 n. 15th
Hausel Jacob, lab., r. es. and Columbus b. Picotte L'esperance
Hausenfratz Barbara, wid. Louis, r. and Lafayette bet. Fulton Decatur
Hauser Egelbert, porter, r. ss. and Franklin av., b. 23d 24th
Hauser Charles, lab., r. se. c. and Carondelet av. Anna
Hauser Christian, harnessmaker, r. ws. and Moore bet. Market Clark av
HAUSER FERDINAND, washboard mnfr. ws. and Congress bet. Trudeau Douchouquette, n. 2d, r. ns. Plum b. 2d 3d
Hauser Phillipine, wid. Frederick, r. ss. and Victory bet. Jackson Easton
Hausgen Frederick W., builder, r. ss. and Market bet. 16th Moore
Hausfurter George, cabinetmaker, r. and Allen av. bet. 8th 9th
Hausman Albert, salesman, r. and Clark av. bet. 10th 11th
Hausman Frank, shoemaker, 23½ Wash
Hausmann Ignatz, beer saloon, Carondelet av. se. c. Allen av
Hausmann John, hairdresser, 450 n. Main, r.
Hausminn Albert, driver, r ns. and Clark av. bet. 10th 11th
Hausminn August, candymaker, bds. ns. and Clark av. bet. 10th 11th
Hausperger Francis X., grocer, saloon and feedstore sw. c. and 24th Franklin av., r.