St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Hawley D. C., painter, bds. Keelty's Hotel
Hawley Frank, salesman, C. B. Hubbell, jr., & Co., bds. 136 n. 14th
Hawley H., gasburners, bds. 74 s. 5th
Hawley Henry I., salesman, Fenton Brothers, bds. 76 s. 5th
Hawley Lawrence, lab., r. al. b. and Biddle O'Fallon 7th 8th
Hawley William, stonecutter, r. 216 Carr
Haworth William H., r. 305 s. 5th
Hawthorn William, baker, r. rear 182 n. 13th
Hawtin Charles, furniture, 68 Morgan, r.
Hawtin Charles, jr., upholsterer, bds. 68 Morgan
Hay Augustus L., clerk, Betts, Mellen & Wyman, bds. ns. and Chesnut b. 11th 12th
Hay William, lab., bds. and 12th bet. O'Fallon Cass avenue
Hayasturf Charles, carpenter, r. ws. and 22d bet. Wash Carr
Haycraft Eliza, 62 Poplar
Hayanbroch Henry, porter, r. 56 Brooklyn
Hayde James, brakesman, r. ns. and Gamble av. b. Mercer Naomi
Hayde John, brakesman, r. es. and Mercer bet. Spring Gamble av
Haydel Edward M., late merchant, r. 121 s. 5th
HAYDEN CHARLES S., lawyer, rooms same Main sw. c. Pine,
Hayden David, printer, bds. 189 n. 12th
Hayden James, ostler, r. ss. Market c. 19th
Hayden Mary, wid. John, washwoman, r. 61 s. 10th
Hayden Michael, ostler, bds. 499 Broadway
Hayden Michael, teamster, r. sw. c. and 10th Washington av
Hayden Peter, (Hayden & Wilson) r. New York
Hayden S. D., writing teacher, bds. 89 Washington avenue
Hayden Thomas, lab., bds. 14 Gay
Hayden Thomas, lab., r. 189 n. 12th
Hayden Thomas, lab., r. es. and Broadway b. Angelrodt Destrehan
Hayden Thomas, slater, bds. 284 Morgan
Hayden Thomas, teamster, bds. 253 Franklin av
Hayden William H., bookkeeper, r. ns. and Market bet. Pratte av. Beaumont av.
Hayden William H., clerk, S. McCartney & Co., bds. 258 Olive
HAYDEN & WILSON, Hayden (Peter Wilson) Pollock saddlery hardware and carriage trimmings, 11 n. Main
Haydon Sarah, wid, George W., dressmaker, 26 n. 14th, r.
Hayes George, riverman, (cold) r. ws. al. b. and 9th 10th n. Clark av
Hayes Henry B., millwright, r. ns. and Webster bet. 9th 10th
Hayes James, bds. 164 Morgan
Hayes Jeremiah, lab., r. ne. c. and 17th Cass av
Hayes John, boatman, r. 281 n. 6th
Hayes John, lab., r. 246 n. 14th
Hayes John, lab., r. 61 s. 10th
Hayes John, lab., r. rear 194 s. 2d
Hayes John, lab., r. es. s. 10th nr. Benton
Hayes John, polisher, bds. and Spruce b. 12th 14th
Hayes John, shipcarpenter, r. es. al. bet. and 10th 11th nr. Howard
Hayes John, trunkmaker, bds. 157 Washington av
Hayes John H., blacksmith, bds. 362 n. 2d
Hayes John H., carpenter, bds. ns. and Washington av b. 7th 8th
Hayes Margaret, wid. Michael, r. and Spruce bet. 12th 14th
Hayes Patrick, lab., r. 202 s. 5th
Hayes Patrick, lab., r. rear ss. P. R. R. nr. High
Hayes Stephen, carpenter, r. 52 Center
Hayes Thomas, r. and Company's Row b. 21st 22d
Hayes Thomas, lab., r. es. and Pratte av. b. Gratiot Cozzens
Hayes Thomas, plasterer, bds. and Spruce bet. 12th 14th