St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Heaffen Margaret, widow Francis, r. rear Columbia b. Miller Barry
Heagh William, locksmith, bds. Denison House
Heahstroter Frederick, turner, r. 90 O'Fallon
Heale Henry, lab., lab., r. nw. c. and Columbus Sidney
Healey Jeremiah, stonemason, r. 278 n. 7th
Healey Lemuel, clerk, bds. 193 n. 5th
Healey Michael, bodymaker, bds. ns. and Franklin av b. 6th 7th
Healey Patrick, lab., lab., r. n. and 18th b. O'Fallon Cass avenue
Healey Patrick, riverman, r. 94 Almond
Healey Robert, fireman, r. n. and Market 2d N. M. railroad depot
Healey Thomas, carpenter, r. 19 Wright
Healy John, lab., r. al. b. and Green Washington av. nr. 7th
Healy Patrick, lab., r. 50 Orange
Healy Denis B., dry goods mer., 192 Market, r.
Healy Jeremiah, r. 176 Green
Healy Lemuel, clerk, 304 Broadway
Healy Mary, widow James, r. 65 Orange
Healy Michael, porter, r. 65 Orange
Healy Patrick, lab., bds. 17 s. 13th
Healy Thomas, carpenter, bds. 7 s. 13th
Healy Timothy, carriagepainter, bds. ss. and Morgan b. 5th 6th
Healy Timothy, lab., r. 17 s. 13th
Healy William, cigarmaker, r. 76 n. 9th
Healy William W., policeman, r. 162 n. 10th
Heany John, machinist, bds. ss. Cooper nr. Pratte avenue
Heap Joseph K., engineer, r. 208 Carr
Heap Smith, engineer, r. es. Moore nr. Market
Hearbeck Edward, r. rear 203 s. 3d
Hearly Daniel, lab., r. ss. and Austin b. 12th 14th
Hearly Michael, grocer, and Franklin av., bet. 20th 21st, r.
Hearly William, maltster, bds. sw. c. and Plum 2d
Hearn John, lab.. r. 736 Broadway
Hearn William, carpenter, r. and Chambers b. 9th 10th
Hearsum Frederick H., (Hearsum & Clark) bds. 6 n. 9th
HEARSUM & CLARK, Hearsum (Frederick H. Clark) James E. grocers, ne. c. and Market 14th
Heart Therese, widow Benjamin B., r. s. 6th se. c. Poplar
Heartel Frederick, coffinmaker, r. 7th nw. c. Soulard
Heartley S. B., bookkeeper, bds. Missouri Hotel
Hearty Edward, carpenter, bds. 87 Gay
Heary Patrick, lab., r. ss. St. Joseph nr. 6th
Heasler Casimir, carpenter, r. es. Menard nr. Park avenue
Heath Augustus J., clerk, bds. 219 Green
Heath Jesse W., (Heath & Brooke) r. 81 n. 9th
Heath John, r. 219 Green
Heath Smith, engineer, r. es. Moore nr. Market
Heath William H., clerk, r. 81 n. 9th
Heath & Brooke, Heath & Brooke, Heath (Jesse W. wood and coal, Heath & Brooke, 85 n. 9th
Heather Uziah, r. 221 Green
Heaton Alva D., foreman, Missouri planing mill, bds. Hotel de Europe
Heaty Catharine, wid. Frederick, bds. 355 s. 2d
Hebel Charles, lab., bds. 76 s. 2d
Hebel Louis, grocer, ws. same Carondelet av. bet. Pestalozzi Arsenal, r.
Heberlein August, butcher, r. 171 n. 14th
Heberly Jacob, baker, bds. 387 Market
Heberrle Jacob, shoemaker, bds. 157 n. 3d
Hebner Edward blacksmith, bds. 90 s. 2d
Hebner Gottfried, blacksmith, r. ns. n. and Market bet. 14th 15th
Hebroch Gottlieb, lab., r. 283 n. 12th
Hecht Martin, lab., r. Main c. Mulberry
Heck Louis, painter, r. 242 n. 9th
Heckel Charles, ropemaker, r. ws. and 12th b. Angelrodt Buchanan
Hecker Frederick, painter, bds. 90 s. 2d