St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
HellmishFriderick,lab.,bds. 122 O'Fallon
HellmuthConrad,cooper,bds.Emmett sw.c. Dekalb
HellmuthJohnG.,tinner, b. Lafayette and Emmet
HellmuthCaspar,lithographer,bds. 77 s. Main
HellpingHenry,fringemaker, and Rutgers nr. 6th
HellrithJohnA.,tailor,r.ns.Anna b. Jackson and Easton
HellstemCharles,shoemaker,se.Franklin 23d and 24th, r. same
HellweetFrank,tailor,r. 333 s. 3d
HellwegFrederick,clerk, b. Rutgers and Convent
HellwegRudolph,gasfitter, 112 n. 6th
HellwegWilliam,carpenter,r.Cass 22d
HellwigJacob,(Hellwig & Fritsh)r. 80 s. 3d
HellwigMargaret, wid. Henry, seamstress,r. 296 n. Market
Hellwig & Fritsh,Hellwig(Jacob & Fritsh)Rudolphblacking mnfrs., 80 s. 3d
HellwitzLeopold, salesman, M. Nelson,bds.Murrays Hotel
HelmDorothy,wid. Philip, b. Trudeau and Douchouquette
HelmE. D.physician and surgeon,ss.Olive b. Leffingwell and Ewing avs.,r. same
HelmHeinrich,carpenter,ws.Trudeau bet. DeKalb and Columbus
HelmJohn,lab., and Columbus nr. Carroll
HelmJohn,plasterer,r. rear es. 10th near Madison
HelmarWilliam,painter,r. rear Soulard b, 9th and 10th
HelmbacherMichael,hammerman,r.Columbus bet. Lami and Barton
HelmbacherPeter,(Helmbacher, Wolf, McDonald & Co)r.Columbus b. Lami and Barton
HELMBACHER, WOLFF, McDONALD & CO.,Helmbacher,PeterWolff,DanielMcDonald,AlexanderHelmbacherMichael and Brumer)CarlIron Mountain steam forge and iron works,Lami se.c. Columbus
HelmcampHenry,cabinet maker,bds.nw.c.18th and Warren
HelmerChristian,clerk,r.Marion sw.c. Jackson
HelmerWilliam,painter, nr. Buel
HelmerichEdward,painter,r. rear 493 s. 7th
HelmerichsGerard,(G. & J. Helmerichs)r. 286 s. 7th
HelmrichsJohn,(G. & J. Helmrichs)r. 67 Market
HELMERICHS G. & J.,(Gerard and John) tobacconists, 54 Chesnut and 67 Market
HelmertAnton,framemaker,bds. 237 s. 3d
HemholtzHenry,planer,r.ns.Sarah bet. Pratte and Jefferson avs
HelmichJulius, agent, William Meylert,r. 68 s. 2d
HelmkampfHermanH.,dep. constable, 29 Franklin av.,r. 199 n. 6th
HelmkampJohnH.,(Helmkamp & Steinmann) b. Benton and Warren
HelmkampWilliamH.,salesman, b. Benton and Warren
Helmkamp & Steinmann,HelmkampJohnH. and Steinmann)ChristianH.grocers, 214 n. Market
HelmkampfHermann,teacher of languages, 150 s. 7th, r. same
HelmleLeopold,architect,bds.Iron Mountain Hotel
HelmoreCharles,teamster,r. 386 n. 2d
HelmsGabriel,(col'd) hairdresser,r. 120 s. 3d
HelmsJacob,saddler,bds. 31 Spruce
HelmsmeierFrederick,r.ns.n.Market bet. 16th and 17th
HelmuthJohnH., clerk, Strong & Co.,r. 213 Pine
HelmuthOliver, salesman, Brownlee, Homer & Co.,r. 213 Pine
HELMUTHWILLIAMT.,M. D., 213 Pine, r. same
HelsAugust,baker,bds.11th nw.c. Carr
HelskamperHenry,lab.,r. rear ss. Orchard b. Barlow and 11th