St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
HeltainJohnF.,gardener,r.ns.Manchester Grand av
HELTZELLMICHAELD.,plaster and cement. 174 n. 2d, Brooklyn near 12th
HelvanDesmus,lab.,r.ns.Harper b. 5th and 6th
HelwiegAnton,stonemason,r.Davis c. 19th
HelwigAugustus,cicarmaker,bds. 120 s. 4th
HelwigFrederick, porter, John How, b. Carr and Biddle
HelwigGeorgeF., porter, John How,bds. 216 n. 12th
HelwigWilliam,brickmaker, and 12th and Carr and Biddle
HelwigWilliam,druggist, rdbet. Beaumont and Leffingwell avs
HelzelJohn,tailor,r. 256 n. 12th
HemMaryA.,widow, John,r.r. 160 n. 11th
HemanTheodoreW., clerk. Durkee & Bullock,bds. 288 n. 13th
HematerHerman,collarmaker.Buel bet. Lafayette and Emmet
HembergerEllis,r. 91 Morgan
HembergerGeorgecooper,bds. 714 Broadway
HembergerAndrew,dairyman, and Harper near Easton
HoganMichael,bricklayer,r. rear 167 n. 11th
HemchenmayerJoseph,clerk,r. 164 n. 9th
HemelFrederick,carpenter,r. 421 Carondelet av
Hemingerdriver,bds. 292 Broadway
HeminghouseHenry,saloon, 259 n. 9th, r. same
HemkerJulius,cigarmaker, rooms es. 2d b. Myrtle and Spruce
HemlarBernard,cooper,'esperance and Picotte and DeKalb and Kosciusko
HemmenstithGeorge,r.Biddle and 24th
HemmingHenty,saloon, 143 n. 3d, r. same
HempBenjamin,saloon, 30 s. 3d, bds. Revere House
HempJohn,tinsmith, 6th and 7th
HempelhnacherC.,engineer,bds.Gravois road near Grand av
HempergerGeorge,tailor, and DeKalb and Louisa and Anna
HemphellHugh,clerk, nr. Cass av
HempstedGeorge,(col'd) drayman, and Walnut w. of 8th
Hempsteadsalesman,bds. 167 Green
HemsardHenry,lab.,r.Geyer Rosatti
HenayJohn,peddler, bet. Morgan and Franklin avenue
HenckeTheodore,clerk, Angelrodt & Barth,r.Salisbury nw.c. Bellefontaine rd
HenckelGeorge,drayman, bet. 14th and 15th
HenckelJohnA.,drayman, bet. 14th and 15th
HencklerPhilip,painter, 32 Chesnut, bds. 77 Franklin av
HENDELSAMUELD.,drugs,4th sw.c. Market, r. 194 Pine
HendershotJamesM.,porter,r. 31 s. 6th
HendersonCharles,brickmaker,r. 255 Franklin av
HendersonFerdinand, accountant and teacher, Jones' Commercial College,r. 91 St. Charles
HendersonGeorge(Yeats & Henderson) av.b. 15th and 16th
HENDERSONGEORGE,wood and coal, 25 St. Charles r. 186 n. 5th
HendersonGeorgeA., clerk, George Henderson,bds.nw.c.5th and Wash
HendersonHugh,lab.,bds.Pacific House
HendersonJamesA.,(Coleman, Henderson & Co.) bet. Gratiot and Chouteau av
HendersonJamesM.,goldsmith,r. 83 Spruce
HenersonJamesM.,riverman, av.b. Emily and Summit
HendersonVincent, accountant and teacher, Jones' Commercial College,r.Poplar ne.c. 13th
HendersonWellington,r. 25 n. 14th
HendersonWilliam,wood dealer,r.ns.Lombard b. 2d and Main