St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
HenmireGeorge,brickmaker,r,Rosatti b. Emmet and Geyer av
HennFrederick,blacksmith,r. 173 Carr
HennJohnE.,boots and shoes, 76 n. 4th, r. same
HennaJohn,clerk, bet. Mercer and Naomi
HennaWilliam,carpenter,r.nw.c.Columbus and Sidney
HennardPeterJ.,brickmaker, near Park avenue
HennasyRichard,poultry, 185 Broadway,, 7th and 8th and Biddle and Carr
HenneberryThomasB., clerk, Livermore & Allen,bds.Russell av.nw.c. 7th
HenneburgGeorge,watchmaker,es.Jackson bet. Lafayette av. and Emmet, r. same
HennekeConrad,(C. Henneke & Co) country
HennekeHenry,(C. Henneke & Co)r. 94 s. 2d
Henneke & Co.,(Conrad and Henneke)Henryhardware, 94 s. 2d
HennemannTheodoreF.,(Hennemann & Co) 62 Locust
Hennemann & Co.,Hennemann(TheodoreF. and Niederreiter)Antoinelocksmiths, 62 Locust
HennemonHeinrich,lab.,r. 116 O'Fallon
HennenDetlefcarpenter,r. rear ss. Chambers, bet. 15th and 16th
HenuesFrederic,lab.,r. 400 n. 9th
HennesThomas,lab.,bds.19th nw.c.n. Market
HenneseyFrancisG.,merchant,bds. 7 and 9 Washington av
HenneseyMargaret,washing, 56 Webster
HennesseySophia,wid. Richard,bds. 26 n. 14th
HennesseyDennis, machinist, Ladew, Peers & Co
HennesseyJames,lab.,r.Palm b. 9th and 10th
HennesseyJohn,boarding, 38 Poplar
HennesseyJohn,shoemaker, 117 O'Fallon
HennesseyJ.,Rev.,St. Louis Cathedral
HennesseyJohn,lab., and 14th near Cass av
HennesseyMartin,lab., and Broadway, Ashley and O'Fallon
HennessyMary,wid. Thomas,r. rear 231 n. 14th
HennessyMichael,grocer, 502 n. Main, r. same
HennessyPatrick,grocer, 274 n. 13th
HennessyPatrick,lab.,r. 27 Biddle
HENNESSYPATRICK,furniture dealer, 195 s. 5th, r. same
HennessyThomas,drayman, and 14th near Cass av
HennessyThomas,lab.,r.ns.Smith near Lewis
HennessyThomas,policeman, 12th b. O'Fallon and Cass av
HennessyWilliam,saloon,es.n. Main b. Smith and Bates, r. same
HennesyPatrick,carpenter,'Fallon and Cass av., 15th and 16th
HennesyThomas,lab.,bds 35 Biddle
HenneyMichael,tailor,bds. 162 n. 10th
HennickJoseph,carpenter,r. rear 13 Monroe
HennickerJulia,wid. Frederick, av. and Wash, 8th and 9th
HennigJuliusA.,bookbinder, 42 Market, r. same
HenniganJeremiah,marble polisher, bet. 2d and 3d
HenniganJohn,marble polisher, b. 2nd and 3d
HenniganWilliamH., watchmaker, Reno Beauvis, b. Walnut and Elm
HenningsLouis,teamster, bet. Spring and Wright
HenningFriederich,fireman, bet. Soulard and Lafayette
HenningHenry,carpenter,r. 214 n. 12th
HenningHenry,lab.,r. rear 118 n. 16th
HennonEdward,lab.,r.10th bet. O'Fallon and Cass avenue
HenreitConrad,lab.,bds.ns.Mary bet. Compton and Thomas
HenrichsCaspar,lab.,r. rear ss. Wright bet. 14th and 15th