St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
HenwoodJohn,hatter, b. Martha and Victor
HenyBarney,lab.,r. rear Ns. Sidney b. Columbus and DeKalb
HenzeFrederick,peddler, 67 Green
HenzeFrederick,teamster,r. rear 168 n. 14th
HenzelFrederick,music teacher,bds. 131 Walnut
HenzelJohn,printer,bds. 131 Walnut
HeoleyGeorge,cigarmaker, rooms 16 Green
HeperHenry,teamster,r. 218 High
HepererPhilip,cooper,r. 254 n. 12th
HepnerWilliam,cooper,r.8th sw.c. Julia
HeppDaniel,candle mnfr.r.13th b. Emmet and Julian
HeppEllis,carman,r.Morton nr. Chouteau av
HeppeLeonard, near Carroll
HepperHeury,lab.,r.n.11th near O'Fallon
HeppnerHarmonF.,boxmaker,r. 257 s. 2d
HeppnerLouisa,wid. Henry,r.Fulton sw.c. Julia
HeprankConrad,stonecutter,r. 477 Carondelet av
HepzibahAlice,wid. Joel,r, 168 Morgan
HequembourgAlexanderG..gilder,bds.Spruce b. 13th and 14th
HEQUEMBOURGCHARLES,Justice of the Peace, 34 Vine, Spruce, b. 13th and 14th
HequembourgRebecca, wid. George,bds.Spruce b. 13th and 14th
HequembourgTheodore,jeweler, 25 n. 5th, r. 40 s. 14th
HequembourgWilliamA.,(Hequembourg & Schnell)r.14th ne.c. Chouteau av
HequembourgWilliamA.,salesman,r.Spruce b. 13th and 14th
HEQUEMBOURG & SCHNELL,HequembourgWilliamA. and W. Schnell)J. Charlesgrocers,14th ne.c. Chouteau av
HerCaspar,shoemaker, b. Jackson and Columbus
HeradoJames,peddler,r. 293 n. 6th
HeradoJohn,bds. 293 n. 6th
HeradoJoseph,peddler,r. 293 n. 6th
HeraldAdams,cooper,r.ns.Manchester road b. Leffingwell and Summit avs
HeraldJohn,cooper, near Park av
HERALD OF FAITH,Market sw.c. 2d
HeranEdward,notary public,r. 253 s. 7th
HerbarholtHenry,driver,r.sw.c.Soulard and Carondelet av
HerberleFrederick,lab.r. 158 Franklin av
HerbersJohnB.,dry goods and clothing,O'Fallon nw.c. 9th, r. same
HerbertAlfred,steamboat saloonkeeper,bds. 158 s. 5th
HerbertCaspar,saddler, near Carroll
HerbertHelenA.,dressmaker, 54 n. 5th, r. same
HerbertHenry,boxmaker, alley b. 11th and 12th, Carr and Biddle, r. same
HerbertJacob,lab.,r.ns.Columbus near Carroll
HerbertJamesE.,painter,r. 386 n. 2d
HerbertJoseph,teamster,r. 170 Carr
HerbertPhilip,lab.,r.ns.Columbus near Carroll
HerbertRobert,sawyer.r. 1374 Broadway
HerbertWilliam,(Herbert & Grady)bds. 97 n. Levee
HerbertWilliam,lab.,r. 62 n. 9th
HERBERT & GRADY,Herber(William and Grady)Patrickcomposition roofers,ws.s.3d b. Plum and Poplar
HerbesJobannT.,cooper,bds. 175 Broadway
HerbestTheodore,cooper,bds. 714 Broadway
HerbrudHenry,lab.,r. alley b. Fulton and Decatur near Lafayette
HerbstCaroline,widow John,r. 43 s. 3d.
HerbstFrederick,cabinetmaker,r. 194 n. Market
HerbstHenry,grocer,r,ws.14th bet. Spring and Wright
Herbst,John,printer,r. 43 s. 3d
HerbstmannBernard,lab., av. bet. Rosatti and Menard