St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Holland Timothy, butcher, r. 18 Mullanphy
Holland William, bricklayer, bds. and 11th bet. O'Fallon Cass av
Holland William T., bookkeeper, r. ss. and Cerre bet. 5th 6th
Holland & Burgess, Holland (Eliza Burgess) Jane academy, and Chouteau av. bet. 13th 14th
Holle Anton, boot and shoedealer, 20 and 22 Franklin av., r. n. 14th
Holle Henry, lab., r. 369 n. Main
Hollen Charles T., lab., r. 419 Market
Hollenback John, butcher, r. ns. and Lafayette b. Jackson Columbus
Hollenback Joseph, constable, bds. 109 n. 3d
Hollenbech M., clerk, N. M. R. R., bds. King's Hotel
Hollenburg Henry, turner, bds. rear 196 n. 12th
Hollend Gasper, grocer, 709 Broadway, r.
Hollend John, finisher, bds. 709 Broadway
Hollermann Herod, mason, r. rear 218 n. 11th
Holloway August, lab., r. near Park av. 7th
Holley Michael, lab., r. 117 Christy av
Holliday Edward S., clerk, W. D. Holliday, r. 91 St. Charles
Holliday J. Duncan (Holliday & McKinstry) r. 75 St. Charles
Holliday John, salesman, r. near Arsenal
Holliday John J., agent, Wiggins Ferry Co., r. 238 Locust
Holliday S. H. marblecutter, bds. Kentucky House
HOLLIDAY SAMUEL N., lawyer, 76 Chesnut, r. Locust
Holliday William, storage mer., r, 75 St Charles
Holliday William, trader, bds. 174 n. 8th
Holliday William D., warehouse, 240, 242 and 246 n. Main, r. St. Charles
HOLLIDAY & McKINSTRY, Holliday (J. Duncan McKinstry) Oliver W. hardware, 196 Olive Hollidge
Hollidge Eli, r. 12 s. 6th
Holliet Joseph, mason, r. ss. near Marion Rosatti
Holliman John, livery stable, 152 Pine, bds. es. 13th c. Olive
Hollings Richard, watchman, r. ns. near Mound 10th
Hollingsworth Robert, carpenter, bds. 58 O'Fallon House, n. 7th
Hollingsworth Zebulon, shipcarpenter, 64 Mound
Hollins Henry, mate, r. ws. n. 2d, near N. M. R. R. track
HOLLISTER ARTHUR T., druggist, 378 Market, bds. ns. Clark av. b. 15th 16th
Hollkamp William, cabinetmaker, bds. Franklin av. nw. c. 17th
Hollman Frederick, teamster, r. ns. and Maiden Lane b. 20th 21st
Hollman John H., clerk, Berthold, Rozier & Co., r. 213 Carr
Hollmann Francis, tailor, bds. 241 n. 13th
Hollmann Frederick, teamster, r. near c. 19th n. Market
Hollmann George, blacksmith, r. ss. alley b. 14th 15th, Carr Biddle
Hollmann John, porter, r. 226 Carr
Hollo Charles, saloon, same Sidney sw. c. Columbus, r.
Hollocher Joseph, clerk, George Stuck, 119 Carondelet av., r. Gravois road Utah
Hollocher, Michael, milkman, r. Gravois rd. nr. Cherokee
Hollohan Louis, saddler, 360 Market, r.
Hollow Charles, lab., bds. ns. and Manchester road b. Leffingwell Summit avs
Holloway Andrew, machinist, r. ss. Park av. nr. 7th
Holloway Edward W., (W. H. Smith & Co) bds. 236 Pine
Holloway Frederick, bricklayer, r. 210 n. 12th
Holloway George A., bookkeeper, Clinton B. Fisk, bds. 43 s. 5th
Holloday John, marblecutter, r. 443 Carondelet av
Holloway John, teacher, ns. and Convent b. 3d 4th
Holloway Joseph P., clerk, bds. U. S. Hotel
Hollrah Hermann D., carpenter, r. ss. and Orchard b. Barlow 11th