St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Hollrah John H., carpenter, r. rear s. Orchard b. Barlow 11th
Hollweg George, foreman, Philibert & Branconier, r. ws. and 8th b. Martha Victor
Hollweg John, r. ws. and 8th b. Martha Victor
Holly Wenzel, clerk commissary dept., r. 15 n. 12th
Hollywood George, engineer, bds. es. and 10th b. Carr Biddle
Holm Louis, supt. Belcher's sugar refining co., r. 149 Collins
Holm N. P., shipcarpenter, r. 431 Carondelet av
Holman Adam, quarryman, r. ws. and Main b. Clemens Haren
Holman George W., r. ss. and Hebert b. 14th 15th
Holman John, clerk, bds. 210 n. 6th
Holman John H., clerk, Scarritt & Mason, rooms 5th sw. c. St. Charles
Holman Nelson P., carpenter, bds. es. 2d b. Rutgers Miller
Holman Solomon W., bds. 283 n. Main
Holmann Frank, tailor, rooms 220 High
Holmann Peter, brewer, bds. 10th sw. c. Market
Holme John T., clerk, gas office, bds. 89 Pine
Holme Richard, (Tunstall & Holme) r. 89 Pine
Holmes Artemas L., manager, Molony & Tilton. r. 170 Pine
Holmes Annie M., wid. Robert, r. 192 Pine
Holmes Charles, (Charles Holmes & Co.) r. 296 Carondelet av
Holmes Charles, steam bakery, 67 and 60 and 86 and 88 Green, r. Locust
Holmes Charles F., baker, r. 205 Locust
Holmes Charles R., boilermaker, r. and 20th bet. Estelle Clark av
Holmes Enoch, lab., r. and Mullanphy b. 17th 18th
HOLMES HENRY, architect and superintendent, 47 n. 3d, r. Chesnut
Holmes Henry G., (E. A. Damon & Co.) r. 58 n. 3d
Holmes James, (col'd) lab., r. rear 56 n. 10th
Holmes James W., provision dealer, r. 95 Poplar
Holmes John, (J. Holmes & Co.) r. 296 Carondelet avenue
Holmes John, printer, bds. 146 n. 3d
Holmes John A., clerk, bds. 30 s. 5th
Holmes Lorenzo D., note broker, 109 Locust, r. Washington av
HOLMES NATHANIEL, lawyer, 47 Chesnut, bds. Barnum's Hotel
Holmes Patrick, drayman, r. ws. near Francis Cass avenue
HOLMES RICHARD, India rubber goods, 83 n. 4th, r. ns. Poplar b. 12th 14th
HOLMES ROBERT, lumber, 30 5th ne. c. Elm, r. s. 5th
Holmes Samuel A., lawyer, 36½ Chesnut
Holmes Sarah, wid. Nathaniel, bds. 170 Pine
Holmes William, clerk, bds. 88 Washington av
Holmes William, currier, r. Easton nw. c. Barton
Holmes Charles & Co., Charles Holmes Sheppard) George steam vault cleaner, 290 Carondelet avenue
HOLMES J. & CO., mnfrs., John Holmes Sheppard) George bell mnfrs., 296 Carondelet av.
Holmes Gottleib, carpenter, r. 10th sw. c. Lafayette
Holscher Charles, (Toel & Holscher) bds. ws. and 2d b. Myrtle Spruce
Hölscher Henry, grocer, 188 Carr, r. Wash
Holscher John C., cigarmaker, bds. ss. and Biddle b 22d 23d
Holsher William, tailor, 51 Franklin av
Holsirg Fernand, paper carrier, r. ws. near Fulton Barry
Holsman George, (Holsman & Teasdale) r. ws. and St. Ange av. b. Hickory Park av
Holsman Henry foreman, J. H. McAlpine, rooms 52 Vine
HOLSMAN JOHN, shoemaker, 53 Vine, bds. s. 4th
HOLSAN & TEASDALE, George Holsman Teasdale) James H. produce, 15 Olive