St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Hoyt Joseph G., chancellor, Washington University, r. c. and Beaumont av. Locust
HOYT STEPHEN, and comptroller (Hoyt, Green & Co) bds. Barnum's Hotel
HOYT, GREEN & Co., Hoyt, (Stephen Green Colton Brady) Bernard S. grocers, 40 n. 2d
Hranitzky Augustus, clerk, D'Oench, Rives & Co., r. ns and Market b. 6th 7th
Huather, Jacob, grocer, rooms ns. Orchard b. Barlow 11th
Hubar Joseph, blacksmith, bds. and 2d b. Spruce Almond
HUBBAR Henry, grocer, near Main Mulberry, r.
Hubbard Edward, janitor, Washington University, nw. c. Washington av
Hubbard George T., r. 241 Chesnut
Hubbard John, currier, r. 170 n. Green
Hubbard Joseph L., foreman, Hart & Harvey, r. and 18th b. Franklin av. Wash
Hubbard Leonard, tinner, r. es. and 18th b. Franklin av. Wash
Hubbard Nathan P., mate, bds. 74 n. 15th
Hubbard Robert V. M,, (Lyon & Co) bds. 106 s. 5th
Hubbard Walter B., tinner, bds. 210 Market
Hubbard William, (Hubbard & Payne) bds. Everett House
HUBBARD & PAYNE, Hubbard (William Payne) Elbridge G. dry goods &c., 260 and 262 Broadway
Hubbell Charles B., jr. (C. B. Hubbell, jr. & Co.,) r. 349 Washington av
Hubbell Matthew, bds. Ashland House
Hubbell Richard H., agent, 95 n. 3d, r.
HUBBELL C. B. Jr. & CO., Hubbel, (Charles B. jr., Hardin) B.L. 102 n. 4th
Hube Louis, cooper, bds. al. b. and 14th 15th
Hube Peter, cooper, r. es. and Jackson b. Soulard Lafayette
Hubendick Friedrich W., brickmoulder, bds. al. bet. aud Davis Hebert
HUBER ANTHONY, saloon, 144 Market, r. 22d bet. Clark Chouteau avs
Huber Antoine, peddler, r. es. and Decatur bet. Soulard Lafayette
Huber Charles, tinsmith, r. rear 165 Carondelet av
Huber Doris E., widow John H., r. ns. and Lafayette b. Jackson Columbus
Huber Engurt, shoemaker, r. rear 281 Carondelet avenue
Huber Francis, brewer, r. 27 Center
Huber Frederick, baker, r. 449 Carondelet av
Huber George, barkeeper, r. 320 Biddle
Huber J., (Koehter & Co.) r. at Rock Island, III
Huber Jacob, blacksmith, r. ws. near 2d Mullanphy
Huber John, r. es. Jackson nr. Marion
Huber John B.. boots and shoes, 6 Green, r. Green
Huber John E., boots and shoes, 103 Wash, r.
Huber Joseph, lab., r. 372 s. 2d
Huber Joseph, machinist, bds. 95 Franklin av
Huber Joseph, turner, r. al. b. and 3d 4th nr. Elm
Huber Michael, lab., r. 339 s. 5th
Huber Wendel, moulder, r. and 7th Park av
Huberschmied Felix, cabinetmaker, r. es. and 9th bet. Lafayette Geyer av
Hubert Casper, bds. 832 Broadway
Hubert Felix, finisher, r. ns. and Park av. bet. 9th 10th
Hubert John, boxmaker, r. ne. c. and Wash 16th
Hubert Martin, lab., r. n. and Main bet. Madison Jefferson
Hubert Thomas, riverman, r. 78 Almond
Hubrick Charles, drug clerk, same Biddle se. c. 13th, bds.
Hucher Ernest, carpenter, r. 120 n. 16th
Huchinson James, plumber, bds. 228 s. 4th
Hinck William, ostler, Thornton & Pierce, 57 and 59 Walnut
Huckstead Louisa, widow Hartwick, r. ns. and Chouteau av. b. Tayon av. 16th