St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Humphreys William, ropemaker, r. ns. and Park av. bet. Missouri Jefferson av
Humphreys William H. pilot, r. ns. and Park av. bet. Missouri Jefferson av
HUMPHREYS & BRO., (Alfred George) ropemakers, es. near Pratte av. Pacific Railroad
HUMPHREYS TERRY & CO., com. mer., Humphreys, (George D. Terry, Lucius H. Boadwell Moses M. Harrison) John wholesale grocers com. mer., 95 n. 2d
Humsthaed Jacob, soapmaker, r. ss. and Wash bet. 223 23d
Hamston Henry, shoemaker, r. alley bet. Main 2d Myrtle
Hund Bernard, shoemaker, r. ss. and Manchester rd. b. Beaumont Leffingwell avs
Hündenbourg Wm., inkmaker, r. ws. and DeKalb b. Picotte L'esperance
Hundest Anna, wid. Andreas, beer saloon, 187 s. 2d
Hundhausen Robert, (St. Louis Paint Co.) r. Wright c. 9th
Hundt Anthony, lab., r. ss. and Franklin av. bet. 24th Pratte av
Hunenshild Charles, produce dealer, r. 35 Morgan
HUNGERFORD ARTHUR L. (Edwin E. Jones & Co.) r. 189 Chesnut
Hungor Harmon, chairmaker, bds. 248 n. 6th
Hunicke H. August, (Krause. Hanieke & Gauss) r. ss. and Hickory bet. 9th 10th
Hunicke Hermann, clerk, Angelrodt & Barth, bds. ss. and Hickory b 9th 10th.
Hunicke John bewer, r. Soulard sw. c. Carondelet av
Hunicke Julius, brewer, r. Soulard sw. c. Carondelet av
Hunicke William cashier, Angelrodt & Barth, r. Chouteau av se c. Stoddart
Hunicke John, tailor, r. 83 O'Fallon
Hunicke William lab., r. es. al. bet. and 9th 10th Biddle O'Fallon
Huning Henry, porter, bds. ws. and 12th bet. Cass av. O'Fallon
Hunleth Francis, 191 s. 4th, r.
Hunn Alexander, cook, r. 97 n. 15th
Hunn Thomas D., cook, r. 59 n. 10th
Hunnefield Antoine, tailor, bds. 263 s. 4th
Hunning August, lab. r. near 20th Bremen av
Hunsche Henry, teamster, r. 12th ne. e. Madison
Hunsche Rudolph, drayman, r. rear 12th nw. c. Madison
Hunsche William, r. rear 12th nw. c. Madison
Hunsell Franz, lab., r, es. and 13th bet. O'Fallon Biddle
Hunt Ann, wid. Thomas, r. 69 n. 16th
Hunt Anne L., wid. r. 200 Locust
Hunt Charles, (Charles Hunt & Bro.) r. 65 Centre
Hunt Charles L., Belgian Cansul, 33 Chesnut, r. Natural Bridge Plank Road
Hunt Cornelius R., (Hunt & Polhemus) bds. 31 s. 4th
Hunt Daniel B., moneybroker, 50 Chesnut r. Olive
Hunt Ederliza, Mrs., wid. John F., r. 97 Olive
Hunt Edward, and saloon, (Charles Hunt & Bro.) 59 Chesnut
Hunt George, lab., r. 125 n. 7th
Hunt Jane, wid. Bernard, r. 278 n. 7th
Hunt John, carpenter, r. 67 Carr
Hunt John, lab., bds. and Spruce bet. 12th 13th
Hunt Louis, baker, and O'Fallon 7th, r. n. 8th
Hunt Matthew, local reporter, "Bulletin," bds. Everett House
Hunt Michael, grocer, 69 O'Fallon, r.
Hunt Michael, moulder, r. ns. and Carr bet. 21st 22d
Hunt Robert W., carrier, ss. of Franklin av. w. 24th, r. ns. Christy av. bet. 22d 23d
Hunt Sheridan C., (Hunt & Wiseman) r. ws. n. and 11th bet. Locust St. Charles
Hunt Martin, moulder, bds. ns. and Carr b. 21st 22d
Hunt Theodore M., woodyard, 7 4th se. c. Clark av., bds. s. 14th