St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Huston Littleton W., salesman, Langsdorf & Rosenstein bds. King's Hotel
Huston Samuel, carpenter, r. 13 Mound
Huston Samuel W., dentist, bds. 217 Morgan
Hutawa Julius, lithographer, 49 n. 2d, r. Myrtle
Hutcheon William, mate, r. ss. and Edmond bet. 9th 10th
Hutcheson David, bookkeeper, Merchants' Bank, r. and Ham b. Chouteau av. Hickory
Hutcheson George W., clerk, Thomas Burke, r. ss. Cedar nr. 4th
Hutchings Francis, moulder, bds. 351 Broadway
HUTCHINGS WILLIAM S., patent medicine mnfr r. 211 Broadway
Hutchins Thomas, clerk, r. ss. and Lafayette b. Missouri Jefferson avs
HUTCHINSON BENJAMlN F., com. and forwarding 68 Commercial Levee, r. Locust se. c. Garrison av.
Hutchinson Charles C., cutter, John H. Blood, rooms 21 n. 3d
Hutchinson Eleazer C., Rev., r. 288 Olive
Hutchinson Henry, shipcarpenter, r. es. and DeKalb bet. L'esperance Picotte
Hutchinson Orrin, carpenter, r. e. and Brooklyn b. n. 1st Wharf
Hutchinson Robert, water works, bds. and 5th b. Gratiot Cerre
Hutchinson Sarah, widow William, r. es. and 11th bet. West Brooklyn Webster
Hutchinson Sebert, clerk, r. 39 Lebeaume
Hutchinson William, bookkeeper, B.F.Hutchinson, bds. Locust se. c. Garrison av
Hutchison James, lab., bds. 19th se. c. Biddle
Hutelbrink Frederick, driver, bds. 11th sw. c. Biddle
Hath Frederick M., musician, bds. Burnett House
Huth Nicholas, stovemoulder, bds. Angelrodt se. c. Broadway
Hutmacher Michael, shoemaker, 117 Carondelet av., r.
Hutson Francis B saddletree maker bds. 137 s. 3d
Hutson Mary, widow Martin, bds. 317 n. 2d
Hutterman John H., porter, r. ss. and Madison b. 15th 16th
Hutton Robert, books and stationery, 75 Pine, r.
Hutzfeld Federick, (F. Hutzfeld & Co.) r. 261 s. 4th
Hutzfeld F. & Co. Hutzfeld (Frederick Reimschneider) A. furniture dealers, 261 s. 4th
Haver Jacob, grocer and saloon, ss. and Chouteau av. b. Toney Joab, r.
Hawmiller Henry, carpenter, r. rear 188 n. 12th
Huxtable Edward, carpenter, r. rear 264 n. 13th
HUYETT DANIEL H., and author and artist Huyett & Parker, bds. Everett House
HUYETT & PARKER, "Illustrated State Gazetteer, Missouri, 1860," Huyett (Daniel H. Parker) Nathan H. publishers, "Illustrated State Gazetteer, Missouri, 1860," 41 Chesnut
Hyatt Gilbert, bookkeeper, bds. 14 Biddle
Hyatt John, riverman, r. 107 s. 3d
Hyde carpenter, bds. 197 n. 5th
Hyde C. G., local editor asst. "Republican," rooms 10 Chesnut
Hyde Edward C., (Hyde & Patterson) r. ns. and Chambers b. 12th 13th
Hyde John, porter, r. and Spruce b. 13th 14th
HYDE WILLIAM, localdeditor "Republican," rooms 10 Chesnut
Hyde Z. S., (Hyde & Patterson) r. 16th nw. c. Olive
HYDE & PATTERSON, com. mers. Hyde, (Z.S. Patterson Samuel W. Hyde) Edward C. warehouse and com. mers. 18 and 20 Elm n. Main
Hydeman Henry, teamster, r. es. and 10th b Biddle O'Fallon
Hyer Antwell, tinworker, r. and Rosatti bet. Lafayette Soulard
Hyer Ignatz, porter, r. and Rosatti bet. Lafayette Soulard
Hyer John, carriagemaker, r. ns. and Julia bet. Menard Rosatti