St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
IrwinThomas,lab., and 9th, Biddle and O'Fallon
IsaacWilliam,shoemaker,r.s.7th nr. Park av
IsaacsAdolph,(R. Keiler & Co.) 101 St. Charles
IsaacsAndrewC.,(Joseph A. Hull & Co.)r.9th sw.c. Locust
IsaacsHenry, bookkeeper, Co., Chouteau, jr. Chouteau, jr. & co.,r.Locust sw.c. 9th
IsaacsHenryG.,(Barnett, Sholl & Isaacs)r.9th sw. Locust
IsaacsIsaac,renovator, 331 Broadway, r. 163 Collins
IsaacsIsidor,fancy goods, 156 n. 3d, r. 54 Collins
ISAACSJACOBL.,paperhanger, 27 n. 12th
IsaacsJohn,clerk,r. 13 s. 3d
IsaacsJudah,pawnbroker, 79 Pine, r. 167 s. 3d
IsaacsJ.,pawnbroker, 79 Olive, r. 36 n. 3d
IsaacsJ. A.,dealer wall paper, window shades, oil cloths, 27 n. 12th
IsaacJ. Levy,collector,r. 27 n. 12th
IsaacsLazarus,reporter Herald,r. 163 Collins
IsaacsManuel,cattletrader, Main and 2d, Rutger and Park av
IsaacsMaurice, clerk, H. Myers,r. 131 n. 3d
IsaacsMoses,janitor,bds. 163 Collins
IsardCharles, bookkeeper, D. T. Wright & Co.,r. 347 Franklin av
IsbellElizabeth,teacher,bds. 53 w. Brooklyn
IscheHenryA.,scalemaker, 10th and 11th nr. Mound
IsdellCharles,painter,bds. 23 Gay
IsenhauerFrancis,stonemason, Virginia bet. Julia and Joab
IsensteinGeorge,actor,r. 161 n. 4th
IserHenry,school teacher,bds. 186 s. 2d
IsettE. B.,salesman,bds. Everett House
IsettJohnH.,salesman, Child, Pratt & Fox,bds.Everett House
IsickMaria, wid. Fielding,r. 626 Broadway
IsingerCharles,lab., Franklin av. and Wash
IslerJesse,physician,r. 223 Chesnut
IslerJohn,(Wezler & Co.)r. Spruce sw.c. 14th
IsraelSarah, wid. Charles,bds.Lucas av.b. Ewing and Garrison avs
IsrealJohn, pilot, Christy av.b. 20th and 21st
IsumJames,(col'd) wagoner,r. Clay 2d
IttelAlexander, barkeeper, J. I. Rollo,r. 9 Vine
IttlengJacob,lab.,r. 7th nw.c. Arrow
IttnerAnthony, bricklayer, Grattan nr . Park av
IttnerBenjamin, bricklayer, Grattan near Park av
IttnerMartin,brickmaker, Grattan, nr. Park av
IversWilliam,toymaker.r.ns.n. Market nr. 16th
IvesAlfred,carriagemaker, 84 Franklin av
IvesterEnoch,riverman, 9th and 10th nr. Clark av
IVORYJOHNC.,3d sw.c. Pine, room No. 4, r. 195 Pine
IvoryMichael,stonecutter,r. 287 Carr
IwigNickolas,asst. market master, State bet. Russell and Allen avs
IzardCharles,bookkeeper,r. 176 Carr
IZBERGHENRY,teamster,r. Tayon avb Randolph and P. R. R.
JABBANJOHNH.,whitener,r. 493 Morgan
JabelJosephine, wid. Joseph, Biddle bet. 21st and 22d
JaccardDavid Constant,(E. Jaccard & Co.)r. 184 s. 5th
JaccardEugene,(E. Jaccard & Co.)r. Beckwith head of Orchard
JaccardGustavasO.,watchmaker, 75 n. 4th, r. same
JaccardUlyssesP.,watchmaker, 75 n. 4th, r. same
JACCARD E. & CO.,Jaccard,(EugeneMermodAugustusS. and Jaccard)DavidConstantjewelers, 75 n. 4th
JackElizabeth, wid. Jedediah,r. Biddle se.c. 17th
George,Jackpacker, 55 and 57 Franklin av