St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
JeddenVictor,druggist, near Malinckrodt
JeefeelderEdward,jeweler,r.Hamtramck b. Emmet and Lafayette
JefersDavid,lab., near Hickory
JeffersonAlexander,confectioner,r. 133 Green
JeffersonDavid,(col'd) whitener,r. 3 alley on Cerre b. 5th and 6th
EFFERSON ENGINE HOUSE,FIRE ENGINE No. 2 ns. Franklin av.b. 22d and 23d
JeffersonEster,(col'd) wid. Giliad,r. 75 Orange
JefferyJefferson,brewer, 98 s. 14th, r, same
JeffsReuben,plumber,r.ns.Gamble av.b. High and Pratte av
JEFFSWILLIAMS.,(Jeffs & Long)plumber, 61 Walnut, r.ns. Gamble av.b. High and Pratte av
Jeffs & Long,Jeffs(WilliamAS. and Long)WilliamH.plumbers, 148 s. 7th
JEHLSTEPHEN,Hotel, 190 s. Main
JehlenPhilip,carpenter, near Marion
JehmanReuben,carpenter,r.Rosatti c. Geyer av
JekerChristian,hairdresser,bds. 224 n. 8th
JelleyJames,lab.,bds. 34 s. 10th
JellyDavid,plasterer,bds.11th ne.c. Market
JemettsJoseph,blacksmith,r.Hamtramck, b. Emmet and Lafayette av
JemmeGeorge,bookkeeper,r.ns.Singleton b. 15th and 16th
JemmettWilliam,plasterer,ns.O'Fallon b. 23d and 24th
JenbeckHenrietta,wid.Frederick,r. 231 s. 4th
JenbeckWilliam, clerk, W. H. Cozzens,r. 231 s. 4th
JengerAntoine,cooper,r.ns.Emmet b. Jackson and Columbus
JeninsPatrick,lab.,bds.Austin sw.c. 16th
JenkinsA.,clerk,bds.St. Louis House
JenkinsAlexander,tinner, rooms 129 n. Main
JenkinsAlfred,bds. 217 Morgan
JenkinsCharlesM.,trunkmaker,r.ns.Orange b. 18th and 19th
JenkinsGeorge,clerk,r. 148 n. 13th
JenkinsGeorge,dentist,r.7th b. Morgan and Franklin av
JenkinsHenry, bookkeeper, J. B. S. Lemoine,r.7th se.c. Olive
JenkinsJamesE.,lawyer, 31 Pine, r. 46 Brooklyn
JenkinsLouisa,(col'd) wid. Berry,r. 44 Carr
JenkinsMargaret,wid. Edwald,r. 95 n. 10th
JenkinsNathaniel,chimneysweep, 151 7th
JenksAlonzo,engineer,bds. 471 Broadway
JenksFrancisM.,barkeeper,bds. 471 Broadway
JenksGeorgeW.,agent O. & M. R. R. Co.,2d ne.c. Carr, r. 10 n. 13th
JenksGeorgeW.,steamboat clerk,bds. 471 Broadway
JenksGustavusA., bookkeeper, Pittman Bros. & Co.,r. 173 Olive
JenksPhilipF.,physician,3d se.c. Pine, rooms same
JenksWilliam,steamboat captain,bds. 471 Broadway
JennemanPeter, patternmaker, J. T. Dowdall & Co
JenninAugust, alley b. 7th and 8th nr. Clark avenue
JenningEdward,tinner, 279 s. 5th, r. same
JenningJohn,lab., 2 Carr
JenningWilliamH.,machinist, near Warren
JenningsAustin,lab.,r. 24 Collins
JenningsBenjaminF., b. 12th and 13th
JenningsDavidH.,clerk,bds.ns.Chouteau av.b, 14th and 16th
JenningsElizabeth,wid. Charles,r. 433 Broadway
JenningsFrancis,lab.,r. 388 n. Main
JenningsGeorgeM.,moulder,r. rear Chambers sw.c. 13th
JenningsHenry,machinist,r.11th se.c. Warren
JenningsJane,wid. Peter,r. 68 Morgan
JenningsJohn,clerk, bet. Franklin av. and Wash