St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Johnson Richard M., student, bds. 10 Targee
Johnson Robert, carpenter, bds. 302 Broadway
Johnson Robert, engineer, r. al. b. and 10th 11th n. O'Fallon
Johnson Robert, mason. bds. 486 n. Main
Johnson Robert A., (Lytle, Johnson & Co.) r. New Orleans
Johnson Samuel, blacksmith, r. 11 Monroe
Johnson Samuel, laborer, (col'd.) s. of Cozzens w. High
Johnson Samuel B., carpenter, r. ns. and Madison b. 13th 14th
Johnson Seth, Jr., drug clerk, bds. 302 Broadway
Johnson Samuel, hatter, bds. ss. and Franklin av. b. 4th 5th
Johnson Thomas, r. 312 Broadway
Johnson Thomas C., (Johnson & Tucker) r. 262 Pine
Johnson Thomas N., stereotyper, bds. 93 Olive
Johnson William, r. 1 Gay
Johnson William, dentist, and Morgan b. Leffingwell Ewing avs
Johnson William, hairdresser, r. ns. and Papin bet. 15th 16th
Johnson William, blacksmith, 470 Carondelet av., r.
Johnson William, cigars and tobacco, es. near Main Plum, r. Plum
Johnson William, hairdresser, (col'd) 95 Poplar, r.
Johnson William H., tobacco mnfr., 61 n. 2d, bds. Monroe House
Johnson William H., grocer, and Manchester rd. se. c. Summit av., r. ns. Walnut b. Leffingwell Summit avs
Johnson William P., marblecutter, bds. Kentucky House
Johnson William T., (Amos & Johnson) r. ws. and Menard b. Martha Victor
JOHNSON H. & CO., Johnson (Hiram Whitelaw) George P. paints, oils and varnishes, 1 Lebeaume n 2d
JOHNSON & TUCKER, Johnson (Thomas C. Tucker) Joseph W. lawyers, 3d ne. c. Olive
Johnson & Wielandy, Johnson (Charles P. Wielandy) John F. lawyers, 27 n. 5th
Johnston Albert, 32 Montgomery
Johnston Ann, wid. William, r. 88 n. 8th
Johnston Charles, blacksmith, 106 O'Fallon
Johnston Fulton H., clerk, Monroe House, bds same
Johnston Charles, drayman, r. ws. alley bet. 11th 12th Carr Wash
Johnston Henry, engineer, P. R. R., bds. ss. near Cooper Pratte av
Johnston Henry, painter, r. and 20th b. Estelle Clark av
Johnston Henry H., salesman, Durant & Co., rooms 5th c. Locust
Johnston James, (late Cooper & Johnston) r. ss. and Chouteau av. b. 6th 7th
Johnston James, foreman, White Lead and OilCo., r. and Clark av. b. 10th 11th
Johnston James, shoemaker, bds. 45 Locust
Johnston John, (Johnston & Piquenard) r. ns. and Olive b. Ewing Garrison avs
Johnston John, architect, r. and Olive b. Garrison Ewing avs.
Johnston John, capt., r. 145 n. 13th
Johnston John, !ab., r. es. al. b. and Collins Broadway Ashley O'Fallon
Johnston Lewis M., farmer, r. 250 Wash
Johnston Mary A., wid. Nathan, 41 seamstress, r. Lombard
Johnston Samuel, (Davis & Co.) bds. Monroe House
Johnston Samuel, painter, bds. 72 Washington av
Johnston Thomas, steamboat clerk, r. 319 Franklin avenue
Johnston William, carpenter, r. ns. al. bet. and 14th 15th, Franklin av. Wash
Johnston William, cooper, r. 211 s. 2d
Johnston William, physician, 235 Pine, r.