St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
JonesT. P.,scalemaker,bds.Kelty's Hotel
JonesT. W.,physician, 58 Mound
JonesTheodore,window shades and oil cloths, 274 s. 5th, Jackson b. 2d and Miller
JonesThomas,boarding, 22 Biddle
JonesThomas, bookkeeper, F. B. Chamberlain & Co.,r. 15 Brooklyn
JonesThomas,clerk,bds. 167 Broadway
JonesThomas,lab.,bds. rear 217 Biddle
JonesThomasP., b. Chouteau av. and Hickory
JonesThomasW..millwright,r. rear 95 Spring
JonesWilliam,r. 103 s. 7th
JonesWilliam,bakery,ns.Franklin av.b. 22d and 23d
JonesWilliam,bookkeeper,r. 207 n. 10th
JonesWilliam,carpenter,r. 162 n. 14th
JonesWilliam,carpenter, on O'Fallon bet. 15th and 16th
JonesWilliam,clerk,bds. 167 Broadway
JonesWilliam,(col'd) driver,r. rear 100 Myrtle
JonesWilliam,grocer, 203 O'Fallon, rooms same
JonesWilliam,gasfitter, b. Franklin av. and Wash
JonesWilliam,lab., bet. Howard and Mound
JonesWilliam,stonecutter,r. 217 n. 9th
JonesWilliam,stonecutter, 219 Morgan, r. Pratte Conde and n. Market
JonesWilliamA.,dentist, 71 s. 14th, r. same
JonesWilliamA.,rolling mill,12th c. Cass av.,r.n. 10th b. O'Fallon and Cass av.,
JonesWilliamB.,lab., 7 n. 2d, opp. N. M. R. R. track
JonesWilliamC.,driver,r. 32 n. 6th
JONESWILLIAMC.,lawyer,Chesnut ne.c. 4th, r. 9th nw.c. Webster
JonesWilliamC.,stonecutter,bds. 333 n. 7th
JonesWilliamH. H.,cooper,bds.13th se.c. Poplar
JonesWilliamW., bookkeeper, Yeatman, Robinson & Co.,bds.6th b. Walnut and Elm
JONES EDWIN E. & CO.,Jones(EdwinE. and Hungerford)A.ale bottlers 75 Commercial. Constantly on hand, a large quantity of old stock and champagne ales. Orders respectfully solicited
JONES & LETCH,Jones(IsaacE. and Leitch)Arthurdruggists,5th sw.c. Market
Jones, Sherman & Homes,Jones,(AsaS.ShermanEleazer and Homes)Williamlawyers, 7 old P.O. bldg 2d se.c. Chesnut
JonkelJost,lab., b Lafayette av. and L'esperance
JonousIsaac,trader,r.Gravois road near Susquehannah
JonssanHenry,sugarrefinery, and 10th n. of O'Fallon
JoosJohnJacob,carpenter,r.ns.Rutgers b. 9th and 10th
JootWendelimus,contractor, and DeKalb
JoquelPaul,engineer,r. rear 330 s. 3d
JordaanHenry, salesman, Claflin, Allen & Co.,r,Decatur ne.c. Geyer av
JordanElizabeth,wid. Patrick, b. 2d and 3d
JordanJohnJ.,(Jordan & Co)r. 145 Chesnut
JordanJohnP.,saloon and boarding,Franklin 21st, r. same
JordanMichael,boots and shoes, 116 Carr, r. same
JordanMichael,lab.,r. 5 Waddingham
JordanPatrick,lab..bds. 68 O'Fallon
JordanPatrick,lab.,'Fallon b. Lewis and Levee
JordanSusan,wid. Artemus,r. 186 Washington av
JordanWesley,steamboat mater. 120 Biddle
JORDAN & CO.,Jordan(JohnJ. & penny post packing express 33 Olive
JordnigHenry,boxmaker,r. 171 Riddle
JordonChristopher,teamster, rooms 214 n. 9th
JordonEdwardJ.,carpenter,r. 2 Carr