St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
BeckmanHenry,brass finisher,r.267 n. 12th
BeckmannHenry,policeman,r.Miller, se.c. Jackson
BeckmannJohnW.,engraver and die sinker,207 n. 8th, r. same
BeckmannLouise,widow, b. Madison Chambers
BeckmannWilliam,(Ed. Beckmann & Bro.,)r.96 s. 4th
BECKMANN ED. & BRO.,(Edward and William,)grocers, retail,213 Biddle, and 96 and 98 s. 4th
BeckmyerWilliamF.,locksmith,Spruce, b. 2d and Main, r. same
BecknerHenry,boatman,,near Rutgers
BecknerHenry,teamster,r.16th, sw.c. Chambers
BecktelRichardK.,merchant, av.b. Mercer and Naomie
BeckwithAshael,carpenter,bds.43 n. 12th
BeckwithFrederickW.,bookkeeper,r.278 s. 7th
BeckwithTulliaC.,widow Frederick,r.278 s. 7th
BedelFerdinand,painter,bds.952 Broadway
BedemannWilliam,tobacconist,r.ns.12th, b. Benton and Warren
BederHenry,conductor St. Louis R. R. Co.,r.451 Carondelet av
BederPhillip,blacksmith,r.sw.c.12th and Benton
BedfordAlfred,pattern-maker,, b. Howard and Mound
BedfordEliasS.,clk.r.Bellefontaine road,near Angelica
BedfordJamesS.,clk.bds.157 n. 3d
BedfordJohn,clk.bds.351 Broadway
BedfordJohnW.,clk.,bds.6th, b. O'Fallon and Cass av
BedfordWm.carpenter,bds.351 Broadway
BedfordWm.pastry cook,r.75 Biddle
BEEBEEJAMES,gen'l agent St. Louis, Alton & Chicago R. R.,bds.Barnum's Hotel
BeeberBernard,clk, C. & F. Kunsemuller,, b. Franklin av. and Morgan
BeebisHenry,finisher,r.Green, c. 3d
BeecherAlvah,r.ns.Dodier, b. 15th and 16th
BeecherMosesS.,carriage trimmer,r.51 Christy av
BeedelsCharles,painter,bds.Biddle House
BeehlerFrancis,upholsterer,20 Olive and 78 n. 2d, r.n. 5th, b. Franklin av. and Wash
BeehlerJulia,widow Benedict,r.151 St. Charles
BeehlerLeopold,teamster, av.b. 7th and 8th
BeehlerMartin,upholsterer,alley,rear Marion, b. Jackson and Columbia
BeehlerMaryE.,widow Benedict,r.151 St. Charles
BeehlerThomas,, b. L'Esperance and Picotte
BeehrenLouis,porter,bds.8th, cor. Carr
BeekerCharles,clk.r.Adolphe, b. Estelle and Clark av
BeekmanGarrett,carpenter,r.238 Broadway
BeekmanWm.H. H.,steamboatman,bds.34 Brooklyn
BeemanReuben,(Parker, Russell & Co.,)bds.Everett House
BeemanWilliam,carpenter,, b. 20th and 21st
BeerCharles,pilot,bds.209 Olive
BEERHENRYJ.,warehouse,244, 246, 254 and 256 n. Main, Chouteau av. and Stoddard
BeerJohn,35 Rutgers
BeerJulius,clothier,131 Franklin av.r. same
BeerSusanna,midwife,r.3 Rutgers
BeerWilliam,cooper,bds.sw.c.10th & Market
BeermeinChristian,wood sawyer, and Lombard
BeermanJoseph,teamster,bds.sw.c.14th and Clark avenue
BEESONSUSANE.,wid. Henry S.,bds.97 Pine r. same
BeettnerGeorge,tailor, bet. Jackson and Columbus nr. Miller
BeeyerFrederick,bds. 385 Broadway