St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
KnightHenry,tinner,bds.Southern Hotel
KnightJamesK.,lawyer, 2 old P. O.bldg., rooms Pine se.c. 7th
KnightJoseph,plasterer,r.ns.n.Market near 17th
KnightThomas,colorer, 167 Washington av
KnightWilliam,painter,r. 35 Mound
KnightsetJohn,lab.,r.Emmet c. Linn
KnikmeierAugust,carpenter,r. 225 Wash
KnipeSamuelW.,clerk,bds.Rutgers nw.c. 8th
KnipeWilliam,lab.,r. rear ns.Arrow bet. 7th and 8th
KnipeTheodore,shoemaker,bds. 171 n. 8th
KnipperAdolph,stoneyard,r.Randolph bet. 12th and 13th
KnippschildFranz,brewer,Rosatti sw.c. Park av.,r. same
KnisseHenry,ropemaker,r.Columbus nw.c. Sidney
KnittelAlbert,lab., bet.n. Market and Benton
KnitzJohn,bricklayer,r.Biddle se.c. 10th
KnobelEdward,agt,St, Louis Ins. Co.,bds.Frederic House
KnobelZacharias,cooper, bet. Spring and Wright
KNOBELSDORFCHARLES,com. mer. 24 n. 3d, r. same
KnoblaichCharlesF.,ropemaker,r.Carondelet av.nw.c. Lane
KnoblauchCharlesF.,(Niese & Knoblauch)r.Carondelet av.opp. Marine Hospital
KnobleichJulius,clerk,r.ns.Elm b. 2d and 3d
KnoblochCharles,blacksmith,r. 60 Plum
KnoblochJohn,bartender, near Miller
KnoblochJohn,tailor,r. 438 Morgan
KnocheHenry,tailor.bds. 171 n. 8th
KnockWilliam,porter,bds. 71 n. 3d
KnoezAaron,lab.,r.Columbus nw.c. Trudeau
KnolbergDiederich,carpenter,r.n.Market sw.c. 13th
KnolfmanHarmon,provisions,r. 44 Collins
KnollConrad,cooper,r. 277 n. 13th
KnollCharlesT.,cigarmaker. 231 Carr, r. same
KnollenbergRandolph,tailor, rear Benton bet, 13th and 14th
KnollhoffFrederick,tobacconist, 122 O'Fallon
KnollhoffHenryW.,r.4th sw.c. Lombard
KnollmanHenry,lab., bet. Carr and Biddle
KnollmannFrederick,lab.,bds. 171 n. 8th
KnollmannJohnH.,sugarmaker,r. 188 n. 13th
KnopWilliam,tobacconist, 97 Biddle, r. same
KnopeB.,lab.,J. T. Dowdall & Co
KnopfLawrence,painter,r,es.Menard bet. Marion and Park av
KnoppsAlbert,currier,Easton nw.c. Barton
KnostFrederick,porter, 290 Broadway
KnotheJohn,lab., near Geyer av
KnottLouisa,wid. David,bds.s.16th near Clark av
KnottZephaniahT.,carpenter,es.8th bet. Walnut and Clark av.r. 10 s. 16th
KnottnerusJohnG., clerk, G. Gorin, 135 n. 8th
KnoudAndrew, blacksmith, works Theodore Salorgne
KnowerCharles,dentist,bds. 88 Olive
KnowlesDavidD.,foreman,r.s.5th ne.c. Almond
KnowlesElijahP.,marbleworker,bds. 335 Broadway
KnowlesHenry,(Knowles & Bro) and (A. Armfield & Co)r. 50 Brooklyn
KnowlesJames,(col'd) riverman,r. 212 Market
KnowlesLeroy,(Knowles & Bro) and (A. Armfield & Co.)bds. 39 and 41 n. 5th
KnowlesLeroyP.,(A. Armfield & Co) & (Knowles & Bro)r. 94 Olive
KNOWLES & BRO.,(Henry and Leroy)druggists and pharmaceutists,se.c.Broadway and Mound
KnowlesJohn,baker, bet. Myrtle and Elm
KnowltonFrancisB., salesman, Chas. Beardslee & Bro.,bds.Missouri Hotel
KnoxDaniel,shoemaker,bds. 109 n. 3d