St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
KorteHenry,lab., and Columbus near Barry
KortjohnJohn,grocer, 43 Carondelet av.,r. same
KortkampEdwardH.,jeweler and watchmaker, 52 Franklin av
KortkampWilliamE.,(Kortkamp & Manning)r. 247 n. 14th
KORTKAMP & MANNING,KortkampWilliamE. and Manning)JohnG.tin and metal roofers and stoves, 354 Broadway.(See adv't p 288)
KortmannLouis,saddler,r.Buel sw.c. Soulard
KortumWilllam,brickmaker,r.Mallinchrodt b. 12th and 13th
KortwinkelClements, porter, Berthold, Smith & Co.,r.ns.n.Market, be. 17th and 18th
KostzKason,sausagemaker,r. 87 n. 2d
KosanAlbert,lab.,r.ns.Lafayette av.b. Fulton and Decatur
KosanJacob,cooper,bds.ns.Lafayette bet. Fulton and Decatur
KoseFrederick,carpenter,r.Kossuth av. near Bremen avenue
KoserAlbertine,(Kose & Co.)r. 148 Market
KoserWilliam,costumer, 58 Market, r. same
Koser & Co.,KoserAlbertine & millinery, 148 Market
KosetoSimon,finisher, 132 n. 13th
KosgrowMichael,lab.,r.Gratiot sw.c. 15th
KosminskyCharlesA.,(Schermann & Co)r.n.Market bet. 12th and 13th
KossakWilliam, civil engineer, county assessor's officer.7th bet. Hickory and Rutgers
KosseBernard,bricklayer,r. 231 n. 8th
KosseJulius, engineer, Schaffe & Co., bet. 20th and 21st
KOSSERSAMUEL,copper, tin and sheet iron worker, 139 n. 3d, r. Papin av
KossertAnz,tailor,r. 346 s. 2d
KossiakWilliam,lab.r. 143 O'Fallon
KossinJohn,ss.Sidney bet. Rosatti and Cambria
KosslerFrancis,waiter,bds. 53 n. 5th
KossmeyerFrederick,porter, and Carr and 8th and 9th
KossonWilliam, b. 16th and 17th
KossuttChristian,sawyer,r.13th s. of Cass av
KostJacob,collector, rooms 152 s. 3d
KostJacob,musician,r. 48 Carondelet av
KostaGeorge,agt,Western Post, and O'Fallon and 7th and 8th
KostaGerard,carriage maker, and O'Fallon and 10th and 11th
KostaLewis,peddler,r. rear 1141 Broadway
KosterFerdinand,tanner, 2d Carondelet av. and Mississippi av
KosterFrederick,lab.,bds. 353 Franklin av
KosterGeorge,music teacher,bds. 365 Market
KosterHerman,lab.,r.ns.Spring bet. 15th and 16th
KosterWilliam,bedmaker,bds.s.7th sw.c. Hickory
KostersAntoine,(Benker & Kosters)r. 189 Franklin av
KostetFrederick,lab., and Lafayette av and Columbus and Jackson
KostterAntony,mason,bds.7th sw.c. Hickory
KoteHenry,lab.,r.ns.Dorcas b. 2d and 3d
KotheEmil,clerk,r. 89 s. 4th
KosheGustavC., salesman, Eugene Haas, rooms 106 n. 4th
KotseiperWilliam,boarding, 158 n. 5th, r. same
KotszJohn,lab.,bds.Pratte av.sw.c. Clark av
KotteHenry,carpenter, av.b. Decatur and Buel
KottemannWilliam,clerk,r.Randolph bet. 12th and 13th
KottenhausFred.W.,lab., bet. Spring and Montgomery
KottensedeErnst,cooper,r.10th ne.c. Chambers
KottensedeFrederick,cooper,r.10th ne.c. Chambers
KottensedePeter,cooper,bds.Chambers ne.c. 10th
KottensedeTheodore,cooper,r.n.Market se.c.n. 2d