St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
BelkChristian,lab.,r.Columbus, ne.c. Soulard
BelkhardtRobert,cook,Planters' House, r. 88 Cedar
BellAlfred,clerk, L. Bushnell, Charles, bet. 9th and 10th
BellBenjaminS.,clerk, L. Bushnell, Charles, bet. 9th and 10th
BellCharlesH.,(C. H. Bell & Co.,)16 s. 8th
BellDanielW.,(Bell, Tilden & Co.,)r.187 Chesnut
BellDavidM.,printer, rooms nw.c.5th and Franklin av.
BellEdwin,cor. editor Sacramento Union,r.50 n. 5th
BellEzekial,carpenter,r.161 Green
BellGeo,W.,bookkeeper, Giles F. Filley,r.194 n. 5th
BellHamilton,painter,r.250 Morgan
BellHenry,(Bell, Tilden & Co.,) Lexington, Ky.
BellHenry,clerk, J. L. Thompson & Co.,bds.161 Green
BellHenryA.,bookkeeper, Charles, bet. 9th and 10th
BellHerbert,(Spalding, Bell & Co.,), bet. 16th and 17th
BellJamesF.,salesman, L. Bushnell,r.194 n. 5th
BellJamesG.,rooms se.c.7th and Olive
BellJamesR.,bookkeeper, Dickson, Orr & Co.,bds.Everett House
BellJasS.,clerk,r.ns.Clark av.,bet. 10th and 11th
BellJamesW.,salesman, Giles F. Filley,r.194 n. 5th
BellJohn,clerk,r.107 Gay
BellJosephF.,rooms se.c.7th and Olive
BELLLEVERITT,lawyer,sw.c.Main and Pine,rooms sw.c. 5th and St. Charles
BellLouise,widow Edwin,bds.325 n. 2d
BellMatthew,engineer, Planters' House,r.192 Franklin av.
BellNoahD.,(Bell, Tilden & Co.,)r.151 Chesnut
BELLPETERV.,lawyer,44 Vine, r. same
BellPhœbe,widow Nehemiah,, b. Howard and Mullanphy
BellR. C.,O. & M. R. R.,bds.302 Broadway
BellRichard,engineer, P. R. R.,r.341 s. 14th
BellRobert,engineer,bds.Panama House
BellSamuel,carpenter,bds.Jefferson House
BellThomas,boatman,bds.211 n. 8th
BellThomas,finisher, Gaty, McCune & Co
BellThomasD.,carpenter,r.100 n. 17th
BellW. Southwood,clk. rooms se.c.7th and Olive
BellWilliam,machinist, Carondelet av. near Arsenal
BellWilliam,moulder,r.333 n. Main
BellWilliam,teamster,bds.s.14th, b. Poplar and Randolph
BellWilliamS.,salesman, Bell, Tilden & Co.,bds.ns.Morgan, b. 17th and 18th
BellWillis,(col'd) whitewasher,es.n.2d,near Monroe
BELL C. H. & Co.,Bell and (Chas.H.Heywood,)Williamstorage,38 and 40 Elm
BELL, TILDEN & CO.,Bell,(HenryBell,DanielW.Tilden, and JohnB.Bell,)NoahD.dry goods,146 n. Main ;(See adv't p. 28)
BellairCatharine,r.215 Carondelet av
BellamyEugene,feed dealer,351 s. 5th, and 99 Carondelet av.r. same
BellamyEugene, jr.,storekeeper,r.99 Carondelet av
BellamyGeorge,lab.,r.9 Benton
BELLEFONTAINE CEMETERY,officene.c.4th and Olive
BellerAlbert,clerk,, bet. South and Stoddard
BellerConrad,milkman,r.Jefferson,near Miami
BellerHenry,teamster,r.ns.Green, c. 19th
BellersonHenry,r.9th, sw.c. Warren
BellersonJohn,grocer,9th, sw.c. Warren, r. same
BELLEVILLE & ST. LOUIS COAL CO.,J. C. Hall, sup't. ,81 Chesnut
BellingerAndrewL.,engineer,r.764 Broadway
BellisSam'lC.,(Bellis & Stewart,)r.449 Broadway
BELLIS & STEWART,Bellis,(SamuelC.Stewart,)JamesW.wood & coal,60 n. 3d
BellmannHenry,carpenter,r.17th,near Farrar
BellnapGeorge,O. & M. R. R.,bds.Monroe House