St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Krumm Louis, cook, bds. Missouri Hotel
Krumpholz William, cabinetmaker, r. 197 n. 13th
Krumsiek Gedrge, bookkeeper, Tinker Bros. & Co., rooms Charless' bldg.
Krumviede William, cabinetmaker, r. and Madison bet. 9th Broadway
Kruman Frederick, butcher, r. ss. and Victor b. Columbus Jackson
Krünemeir Frederick, brickmaker, r. ns. al. b. and 17th 18th, Carr Biddle
Krunz Martin, lab., r. ws. near Jackson Marion
Krup George, teamster, r. and Linn bet. Emmet Julia
Krupp Andreas, boarding and saloon, 139 s. 2d
Krupp John, lab., r. es. and Columbus bet. Miller Barry
Krupp William, woodsawyer, r. es. and Columbus bet. Miller Barry
Kruppel Adolph, lab., r. 369 n. Main
Kruse Charles, lab., r. rear ss. Warren bet. 14th 15th
Kruse Charles, stonecutter, r. and Warren bet. 14th 15th
Kruse Charles, teacher, 74 s. 7th, r. Myrtle
Kruse Frederick, clerk, r. 294 s. 5th
Kruse Frederick, cooper, bds. ws. and 13th bet. Spruce Poplar
Kruse Gustave, salesman, r. 191 n. Main
Kruse Henry, lab., r. ws. near 11th O'Fallon
Kruse Herman, lab., r. 202 n. 9th
Kruse James, eating saloon, 65 s. Levee, r.
Kruse Mathias, clerk, F. A. Peitz, 151 Biddle
Kruse Rudolpf, teamster, 17th se. c. Angelica
Kruser Anna, wid. Henry, bds. ns. and Destrehan bet. Broadway 9th
Kruser Gustave, clerk, r. 29 Wash
Krush Julius, cabinetmaker, r. es. and 17th bet. Conner Warren
Krusher John, carpenter, r. ns, and Virginia bet. Lamotte Josephine
Krusic Christian, hairdresser, r. 19 Myrtle
Kruskha Wenzel, tailor, r. ss. and Soulard bet. Decatur Buel
Krutemeyer Henry, r. ns. and Monroe bet. 14th 15th
Kruzer Conrad, lab., r. ws. near Fulton Barry
Krylin John, ropemaker, r. 257 s. 4th
Kual Martin, porter, r. ws. and Kosciusko bet. L'esperance Picotte
Kuas Louis, cooper, r. and 16th bet. Howard Mallanphy
Kube Henry, lab., bds. Wash sw. c. n. 14th
Kubelka Joseph, lab., r. and Franklin av. bet. 24th 25th
Kubic Anthony, surgical instrument maker, r. 81 Market
Kuck Gustave, clerk, Cuno, Mense & Meyer, r. Chouteau av. ne. c. 16th
Kuck Jacob, butcher, r. ss. and Victor bet. DeKalb Columbus
Kuck Rudolph, clerk, Murdoch & Dickson, r. Chouteau av. ne. c. 16th
Kuck William, tanner, r. ns. and Sidney bet. Easton Jackson
Kuck Everhard, clerk, r. Park av. nw. c. South
Kuck Henry, r. al. bet. and 9th 10th, O'Fallon Cass av
Kuchenbuch Mary E., wid. George, dairy r. ns. near Chouteau av. Pratte av
Kuchenbuch Maurice, dairyman, bds. ns. near Chouteau av. Pratte av
Kuchenreiter John, r. 182 n. 10th
Kuebler Lewis, lab., bds. 254 Market
Kuebler Ludwig, lab., gasworks
Kuebrich Ferdinand, butcher, 35 South Market, r. es. Columbus bet. Victor Barton
Kuech Frederick, dairyman, r. rear ns. Anna b. Jackson Easton
Kuech Jacob, dairyman, r. rear ns. Anna bet. Jackson Easton
Kueck H. Rudolph, (Krausse, Kueck & Co.) r. ws. and 3d b. Almond Poplar