St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
LACKLAND WILLIAM H., lawyer, 52½ Chesnut, r. es. 8th b. Chouteau av. Gratiot
Lackland, Cline & Jamison, Lackland, (James R. Cline George W. Jamison) William lawyers, 52½ Chesnut
Lackman Casper, carpenter, r. Marine av. nr. Carondelet rd
LACKMANN DIEDRICH H., fancy goods, 155 n. 3d, r. ss. Cozzens b. 17th 18th.
Lackmûller Henry, lab., r. 14th nr. Bremen av
Laclede Rolling Mills, ss. and Ferry b. Broadway Gingrass creek, office n. 2d
Laclede School, 5th c. Poplar
LaCona Joseph C., boat stores, r. 14 s. 16th
Lacroix Anaclet L., (S. McCartney & Co.) r. es. s. and 16th b. Walnut Clark av
LaCroix Lucien F., bookkeeper, A. J. McCreery & Co., r. 120 n. 14th
Lacy Benjamin, clerk, L. C. Duval, bds. 39 n. 6th
Lacy Charles C., clerk, P. R. R. Co., bds. 42 s. 14th
Lacy James, bricklayer, bds. ss. and Gamble av. b. Mercer Naomi
Lacy Franklin, bricklayer, r. ss. and Adams bet. Pratte av. Emily
Lacy Lewis F., clerk, r. 42 s. 14th
Lacy Patrick, candlemaker, Kosciusko c. Barton
Lacy Theophlius, bricklayer, bds. 23 n. 12th
Ladage William, paver, r. 237 Biddle
LADD ATTILIUS A., (Ladd, Patrick & Co.) 28 Carr
Ladd James L. S., auctioneer, Murdoch & Dickson, r. 29 s. 4th
Ladd John A., clerk, S. A. Benoist & Co., bds. 6th sw. c. Carr
Ladd Martha, widow James, r. ws. and 10th b. w. Brook Webster
LADD, PATRICK & CO.. Ladd, (Attilius A. Patrick, William Patrick, James Keller John Stuart) Adam D. planing mill, 13th nw. c. O'Fallon
Laddey Thomas, cooper, r. Baldwin nr. n. Market
Ladenberger Charles, clerk, 935 Broadway, r.
Laderla Joseph, butcher, r. 610 Morgan
Ladermann John, mason, r. and Lami b. Carondelet av. Congress
Ladew Augustus P., (Ladow, Peers & Co.) r. 161 Chesnut
Ladew Stephen jr., typedresser, r. 88 n. 17th
LADEW, PEERS & CO., Ladew, (Augustus P. Peers Valentine J. Bright) William type founders and paper dealers, 197 n. Main
Ladue Peter A.. and sec. treas. St. Louis Bld'g and Savings Association r. ss. and Gratiot b. 7th 8th
LADY JOHN, and money broker, (Dann, Lady & Co.) 40 Chesnut, r. Chesnut
Laefiler Louis, collarmaker, r. s. 7th nr. Rutgers
Laehder Hermann, carpenter, r. es. and Fulton bet. Soulard Lafayette
Laemkullar Francis, carpenter, r. es. and 18th b Franklin av. Wash
Laenge Maria R., widow John, r. rear 101 n. 17th
Laengrober Bernard, dairyman, r. ns. and Arrow bet. Menard Buel
Laes Felix, cigarmaker, r. rear 189 s. 4th
Laetsch Charles, china store, 247 Franklin av., r.
Lafaix Eugene, engraver, 159 s. 5th
Lafaix John R., engraver, r. 159 s. 5th
Lafayette Brewery, proprietor Theodore Brinckworth, 68 Carr,
Lafayette Park, ss. and Park av. b. Missouri Mississippi avs
Lafayette Public School, ns. near Ann av. 8th
Lafayette Winter Garden, Lafayette Park
Lafayon Victor, tanner, r. rear 307 Broadway
Lafee Elizabeth, widow, dressmaker, r. 21 Collins
Laferty Edward, printer, bds. 89 Franklin av
Laffler Frank, harnessmaker, r. ws. and Columbus bet. Emmet L'esperance