St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
BennettJohanna,r. 139 Green
BennettMary AnnWid.,bds. 95 Washington av
BennettMaryF.,widow Thomas,boarding, Cedar se.c. 4th
BennettMichael,lamp dealer, 160 n. 10th, r. same
BennettNathanielC.,clerk, b. Mound and Brooklyn
BennettOliver,(Fiske, Knight & Co.,)r. at Boston
BennettRichardC.,mer. tailor 86 n. 5th, Green b. 8th and 9th
BENNETTSAMUELA.,lawyer, 31 Chesnut, bds. Everett House
BennettSarah,dressmaker,bds. 37 St.Charles
BennettThomas,gratemaker,bds.Main ne.c. Green
BennettThomasH.,carpenter, 74 Franklin av
BENNETTWILLIAM,grocer, 74 n. 2d, r 33 s. 4th
BennettWilliamC.,blacksmith,bds.Biddle House
BennettWilliamD., salesman, A. W. Sproule & Co.,r.Carondelet
Bennett & Chafee,Bennett(GeorgeP. and Chaffee,)WilliamH. dentists, 13 s. 5th
BennettZeba, clerk, O. & M. freight office,bds 170 Olive
BenneyJamesT.,(Murray's hotel,)r. same
BennhartWilliamH., printer, Bulletin office
BenherDavid,tailor,r.ns.Lafayette bet. Dekalb and Columbus
BenningHenryC.,china and glass, 338. Broadway, r. same
BenoistLouisA.,(L. A. Benoist, & Co.)r.8th nwc. Pine
BenoistSanguinetteH.,(L. A. Benoist & Co.,)bds. 8 n. 8th
BENOIST L. A. & CO.,Benoist,(LouisA.ChristyJames and Benoist,)SanguinetteH. bankers, 69 n. Main
BensFerdinand,cooper,r.Fulton bet. Lafayette and Geyer av
BensburyGeorge,distiller,r.ns.Park South and Stoddard
BensburyGerhard, clerk, George W. Simpkins,r ns.Park South and Stoddard av
BensingJohn, near Rutgers
BensingerGeorge,moulder,c.Main and Mulberry
Bensonsmith,bds. 1140 Broadway
BensonAnna,dress maker, 64 Washington av
BensonCharles,lithograph printer, 2d Carondelet Lafayette and Geyer av
BensonDavid,coffee stand city market, rooms 26 Ashley
BensonEdwardW.,cigars and tobacco, 86 Morgan, r. same
BensonFletcher,coffee stand city market, rooms 26 Ashley
BensonGeorge,lab., and Washington av. near. 7th
BensonJamesL.,(Benson, Swartz & Stoby,) Charles bet. 9th and 10th
BensonJesseW.,butcher,r.ns.Clark 21st and 22d
BensonJohn,bricklayer,r.ns.Rose av. and University st
BensonMaryA.,Widow, Williamr. 423 n. 9th
BensonRobert,steamboat carpenter,r. 78 Webster
BensonSamuel, wood dealer, bds.I.M.Hotel
BensonThomas,painter,bds. 331 Broadway
BensonThomas,painter,bds. 338 n. 6th
Benson, Swartz & Stoby,Benson,(JamesL.SwartzJamesH. and Stoby,)William inspectors,Merchants Exchange bldg
BentEdwinJ.,(Hazeltine & Bent,)r. 261 Washington av
BentHermann,(Bent & Ricke,)r.Cass av.,c. 16th
BENTJOSEPHK.,sash, door and blind factory,nw.c.12th and Spruce, r. Clark av.,sw.c. 12th
Bent & Riecke,Bent(Harmann and Riecke)William builders,11th n. of O'Fallon
BentbeutelFrederick,butcher, 21 south Market
BentbeutelGeorge, butcher,Kingsberry bet. Oneota and Institute