St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Luneman Francis, carpenter, r, ws. near 13th Carroll
Luneman George, clerk, bds. 205 n. 9th
Luney Patrick, teamster, bds. 255 Market
Luney Thomas C., grocer, 351 Market, r,
Lung Elizabeth, wid. John, r. ns. near Jackson Carroll
Lung Henry, cabinet maker, ws. and 20th bet. Wash Franklin av., r.
Lung Louis, carpenter, r. 57 Plum
Lungstras Peter, r. Soulard se. c. Carondelet av
Lungstras Rudolph, brewer, r. Soulard sw. c. Carondelet av
Lunn R., wid. S., r. 245 Carondelet av
Lunnebach Charles, boarding, 18 n. 3d
Lunsmann Francis, gunmaker, 122 s. 2d
LUNT FRANCIS, merchant tailor, ns. and Montgomery b. Broadway 9th, r.
Lunt John, (Kelly & Lunt) rooms 34 Vine
Lunte Henry, drayman, r. es. near 13th Madison
Lunte William, baker, 657 Broadway, r.
Luntz John, bartender, r. 58 s. 2d
Lunz Francis, bds. 241 s. 4th
Lunz Christian, baker, r. 173 Wash
Lunz George, (Lunz & Brand) r. 211 Franklin av.
Lunz & Brand, Lunz (George Brand) Rudolph dealers in boots and shoes, 211 Franklin av
Lupton John, (Collins & Lupton) rooms Lombard se. c. 4th
Lupton William, machinist, r. P. R. R. buildings
Lürckens Reinhart, milkman, r. ws. and Elizabeth b. Allen Russell
Lureing Mary, wid. Henry, r. 255 Carr
Luria Mier H., jeweler, r. 205 n. 8th
Lurmann Henry, r. 122 Gay
Luschro Charles, brewer, r. ss. and Dorcas bet. 4th 5th
Luscombe James, plasterer, r. ss. and Gratoit b. Barlow Catalpa
Lusdorf Louis, carpenter and builder, es. and Menard b. Ann av. Arrow, r.
Lushes Golden, carpenter, bds. Grand av. c. Conde
Lush Andrew S., broommaker, bds. 45 Chambers
Lush Comfort J., carpenter, r. 15 Chambers
Lush David, shoemaker, r. ss. and Buchanan b. Broadway 9th
Lusk Edward A., boatman, bds. 15 Chambers
Lusk James, carpenter, r. 29 Orange
Lusk Mary, washwoman, r. es. and 18th b. Franklin av. Wash
Lusk Solomon J., carpenter, bds. 15 Chambers
Luske John, musician, r. ns. near Marion Carondelet avenue
Lustic Joseph, baker, ns. and Soulard b. Buel Menard
Lustkande John, musician, r, ss. and Marion b. Carondelet av. Jackson
Lustroth Henry, tailor, r. 287 n. 12th
Lutger Henry, r. 277 s. 5th
Lutgert Henry, brickmaker, r. rear O'Fallon bet. 23d 24th
Luthe Daniel, cooper, r. 14th sw. c. Clark av
Kuthe Frederick, cooper, bds. 14th sw. c. Clark av
Luther William A., miller, r. ns. and Florida bet. Main 2d
Lutherwait Joseph, saddler, bds. 11 Collins
Luthy James, (James Luthy & Co) r. 13 Center
LUTHY JAMES & CO., Luthy (James Thornburg) Josiah lumber dealers, 317 ns. Market
Lutkemeyer Joseph, shoemaker, 152 Franklin av
Lutkemier Christian, sawyer, r, es. near 13th Jefferson
Lutkenhoff Henry, cigarmaker, bds. 157 n. 3d
Lutker Herman, clerk, r. rear ns. Monroe b. 16th 17th
Lutman Henry, lab., r. 328 n. 11th
Lutte Edward, cooper, bds. 249 Franklin av
Lutteck Herman, baker, bds. ns. and Cozzens bet. Pratte av. High
Lutteck Peter, blacksmith, same State ne. c. Rrussell av., r.