St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Lynch James, lab., bds. 72 Morgan
Lynch James, lab., r. es. and 9th bet. Warren Montgomery
Lynch James, lab., r. al. bet. and Main 2d Myrtle
Lynch James, lab., r. 325 s. 2d
Lynch Jeremiah, blacksmith, r. and 18th bet. Mullanphy Cass av
Lynch Jeremiah, finisher, bds. 154 Wash
Lynch Jeremiah, machinist, r. 128 Wash
Lynch Jeremiah, mason, r. 124 Biddle
Lynch John, clerk, Post Office, r. al. bet. and Market Chesnut, 5th 6th
Lynch John, lab., bds. 333 n. Main
Lynch John, lab., r. rear ss. Cass av. bet. 22d 23d
Lynch John, peddler, r. 44 Almond
Lynch John, shoemaker, r. ws. and Main bet. Clemens Haren
Lynch John W., salesman, D. Landreth & Son., r. 15 s. 7th
Lynch Joseph, glassblower, bds. Arsenal ne. c. 7th
Lynch Laurence, clerk, bds. 257 Pine
Lynch Lawrence, plasterer, r. ws. and 21st bet. Wash Carr
Lynch Margaret, wid. James, r. ss. and Wash bet. 20th 21st
Lynch Margaret, wid. Michael, r. 91 n. 10th
Lynch Margaret, wid. Thomas, r. ns. Ferry opp. Rolling mill
Lynch Mary, dressmaker, r. 145 7th
Lynch Mary, washwoman, r. 81 Biddle
Lynch Mary, wid. Daniel, r. 154 Wash
Lynch Matthew, lab., r. 119 s. Main
Lynch Michael, (Calloway, Lynch & Co.) and (McFadden & Lynch) r. ss. Grand av. nr. Broadway
Lynch Michael, butcher, 6 Broadway market, r. n. 7th
Lynch Patrick, drayman, Derby & Day, r. nr. Fair Ground
Lynch Patrick, fancy and dry goods, 286 s. 7th
Lynch Patrick, lab., bds. Vineyard nr. Elliot
Lynch Patrick, lab., r. es. n. and Main bet. Smith Bates
Lynch Patrick, lab., r. ss. and Carr b. 22d 23d
Lynch Patrick, lab., r. s. and 13th b. Spruce Poplar
Lynch Peter, grocer, es. n. and 15th bet. Cass av. O'Fallon, r.
Lynch Peter, painter, r. 24 s. 16th
Lynch Philip, lab., r. ns. and Franklin av. bet. 21st 22d
Lynch Robert, machinist, r. 41 Collins
Lynch Terrence, lab., bds. Arsenal ne. c. 7th
Lynch Thomas, foreman, George N. Lynch, 55 n. 5th, r.
Lynch Thomas, lab., r. Vineyard nr. Elliot
Lynch Thomas, peddler, r. es. Main nr. Mullanphy
Lynch Thomas, riverman, bds. 22 s. Levee
Lynch Timothy, ostler, bds. ws. and 8th bet. Walnut Clark av
Lynch Washington, roofer, r. 370 Morgan
Lynch William, brewer, bds. Pacific House
Lynch William, clerk, bds. 159 3d
Lynch William, porter, Warne, Cheever & Co., r. 5th se. c. Elm
Lynch William, teamster, bds. 98 s. 14th
Lynch William A., undertaker, 55 n. 5th, r. Carondelet
Lynch & Bro., (Cornelius James) tinners, 268 Franklin av
Lynde Henry, machinist, rooms 99 n. 4th
Lynden Theodore, carpenter, r. 351 Carondelet av
Lyne Margaret, wid. David, r. and Davis bet. 18th 19th
Lyng Edward, lab., bds. es. al. b. and Collins Broadway, Ashley O'Fallon
Lynn John T., engineer, r. 435 Madison
Lynn Patrick, lab., bds. Biddle nw. c. 9th
Lynons Philip, lab., r. 132 Wash
Lynos John, lab., r. al. bet. and Main 2d, Cedar Plum