St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
McAffee Michael, policeman, al. b. and Franklin av. Wash 11th 12th
McAlister Alexander, carpenter, r. 253 Carr
McAlister Isabel, widow Walter, r. 269 Green
McAlister James, cooper, bds. 351 n. Main
McAlister Neiven, foreman, Yeatman, Robinson & Co., bds. 351 n. Main
McAlister Robert, inspector sidewalks, r. Market se. c. 19th
McAllister Alexander, carpenter, r. ns. and Garrison av. b. 16th 17th
McAllister Alexander, lab., bds. ns. and Benton b. 16th 17th
McAllister Charles E., bookkeeper, bds. 172 n. 8th
McAllister Jane, widow Hector, r. ws. and 8th b. Biddle O'Fallon
McAllister Roger C., 64 n. Levee, r. Morgan
McAllister Samuel, salesman, C. P. Ralli & Co
McALPINE JOHN H., merchant tailor, 52 Olive, Washington av., se. c. 3d
McANALLY DAVID R., agent, Methodist Book Depository, and editor St. Louis "Christian Advocate," 78 Pine, r. Carondelet
McAndrew Patrick, supt. same Fair Grounds, r.
McAneer teamster, bds. Cass nr. Fillmore av
McAneny Patrick, engineer, r. b. and Palm Harrison nr. R. R. track
McAnespy John, varnisher, r. 115 Wash
McAnney John, plasterer, r. and Poplar b. 12th 13th
McAntee Thomas H., road contractor, r. and Lafayette av. b. Preston Park Place
McAnulty Edward, packer, J. M. Tooly & Co
McAnulty John, lab., Reservoir of Waterworks bds.
McArchall John, cooper, r. and Lafayette b. Menard Rosatti
McArdle James, boatman, r. 125 n. 17th
McArthur James, bookkeeper, r. 115 n. 16th
McAteer Daniel (McAteer & McKeever) r. 8 Wash
McAteer & McKeever, McAteer (Daniel Mckeever) Barney boarding stable, 8 Wash
McAuliff Eliza, widow Samuel, r. 112 Wash
McAULIFF JOHN D., carriagemaker, 463 Franklin av. ne. c. 21st, r. Morgan
McAULIFFE DANIEL, grocer, 104 O'Fallon sw. c. 10th
McAuliffe Thomas, teamster, r. and Buchanan b. Bellefontaine road 12th
McAusland James, clerk, T. & C. Slevin, bds. 10 Chesnut
McAusland John, salesman, T. & C. Slevin, bds. Merchants' Hotel
McAvee Michael, mason, r. 233 n. 14th
McAvee Rose, widow Brian, r. 233 n. 14th
McAvenney Philip, lab., r. 12 s. 10th
McAvoy Hugh, porter, Thomas Burke, bds. 4th nr. s. Market
McAvoy John, printer, bds. 89 Franklin av
McAwee John, lab., r. 15 Florida
McBAIN JOHN, bookkeeper, C. & T. R. Pullis & Bro., bds. ss. and St. Charles b. 9th 10th
McBeth Francis, clerk, George Matlock & Sons, bds. 401 Morgan
McBeth James, barkeeper, r. 220 Carr
McBeth William, fireman, P. R. R., r. P. R. R. bldgs
McBoyd Michael, lab., r. ns. alley b. Market Walnut e. 10th
McBrath Michael, lab., r. ws. alley b. 7th 8th nr. Clark av
McBrean John, carpenter, bds. 139 Collins
McBreen Henry, axehandle maker, bds. 60 Franklin av
McBreen Michael, blacksmith, r. es. and 8th b. O'Fallon Cass av
McBride student, bds. 189 n. 6th
McBride Alex., (McBride & Co) bds. Virginia Hotel
McBride Andrew, lab., bds. 369 n. Main
McBride Andrew S., bricklayer, r. 93 n. 14th
McBride Bernard, grocer, 359 n. Main, r.
McBride E. D., carpenter, bds. 370 Franklin av
McBride Hugh, lab., r. es. and Lewis b. O'Fallon Bates