St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
McDONALD F. A. & CO., McDonald (Felix A. Rapp) Julius stonemasons, foot Howard
McDONALD & WESSELLS, McDonand (John Wessells) Lawrence 6th se. c. Green
McDoner Owen, lab., r. es. and Barton b. Chouteau av. Gratiot
McDonnald Alfred, bricklayer, r. 221 Wash
McDonnald Charles, mason, r. 188 n. 12th
McDonnald Edward, cook, r. 189 Green
McDonnald Ellen, widow Ira, r. 341 Franklin av
McDonnald F., barber, (col'd) r. ns. and Clark av. bet. 10th 11th
McDonnald John, lab. r. es. and 24th b. Carr Biddle
McDonnald Patrick, clerk, r. 201 Wash
McDonnel Ann, widow John, washwoman, r. ns al. b. and Market Walnut 8th
McDonnel Patrick, bds. 363 Market
McDonnel Thomas, lab., r. s. and 2d bet. Howard Mound
McDonnel William, lab., ws. and 16th b. n. Market Benton
McDonnell Elizabeth, widow Roger, bds. 51 n. 9th
McDonnell George, carriagedriver, bds. 261 n. 7th
McDonnell Henry, horseshoer, r. es. al. b. and 3d 4th Market Chesnut
McDonnell James, lab., r. se. c. and O'Fallon 7th, upstairs
McDonnell John, driver, American Express Co., r. and Division b. 19th 20th
McDonnell John, porter, Everett House
McDonnell Robert, carpenter, r. 217 n. 8th
McDonough Hugh J., salesman, R. Scott & Co., r. 148 s. 5th
McDonough James, county collector, r. 214 Pine
McDonough James R., r. 125 n. 12th
McDonough John, lab., r. n. and 18th b. O'Fallon Cass av
McDonough John, watchman, sub-treasury, bds. 157 n. 3d
McDonough Mary, widow Jeremiah, washing 14 Myrtle
McDonough Michael, lab., r. Waddingham
McDonough Patrick, lab., r. al. b. and 9th 10th n. O'Fallon
McDonough Richard, lab., bds. n. 10th nw. c. Carr
McDonough Thomas, lab., r. rear 433 Broadway
McDonough's Building, ns. and Olive b. 3d 4th
McDormit Michael, lab., r. 278 n. 8th
McDougal Charles H., painter, bds. 11 Collins
McDougall Robert G., lumberdealer, r. Decatur se c. Russell av
McDowd James, bricklayer, bds. 92 Almond
McDowd Thomas, lab., bds. 92 Almond
McDowel Archange, widow Robert, r. 48 n. 10th
McDowell Augustus, (A. McDowell & Co.) bds. Planters' House
McDowell George W., (J. & W. McDowell & Co.) bds. 37 s. 4th
McDowell James, moulder, bds. 351 n. Main
McDowell John, (J. & W. McDowell & Co.) bds. 37 s. 4th
McDOWELL JOHN B., physician, 151 Oliv, r.
McDowell John J., physician, 46 Olive, r. Carondelet
McDowell Joseph N., physician, 8th nw. c. Gratiot
McDowell Maxwell, salesman, Dutcher & Co., r. 151 Olive
McDowell Patrick, teamster, r. 429 Morgan
McDOWELL SAMUEL H., Directory Compiler, bds. Mt. Vernon Hotel
McDowell Sarah J., wid. William, r. rear 147 s. 5th
McDowell J. & G. W. & Co., and forwd. mers. (John McDowell) George W. com. and and forwd. mers. 10 s. Main
McDOWELL A. & CO., (Augustus Loughran) Patrick F. carpets, 123 n. 4th
McDugal Robert, plumber, bds. Pine b. 6th 7th
McElheney Andrew, salesman, Calloway, Lynch & Co., r. 155 Wash
McElroy Francis, porter, bds. 327 Broadway
McElroy Michael, lab., r. ss. and Market b. 9th 10th
McEnaney John, feeddealer, r. ws. and 17th b. Carr Biddle