St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
McLaughlin & Curran, McLaughlin (Michael Curran William coopers, ss. and Walnut bet. 7th 8th
McLEAN ALEXANDER, lithographer, 35 sw. c. Pine, r. ns. Morgan bet. 10th 11th
McLean Allan J., lab., r. ws. and 14th bet. Madison Chambers
McLean Archibald, engineer, r. ws. and 14th bet. Chambers Madison
McLean Catherine, wid. Edward, r. 91 s. Main
McLean Hector D., bookkeeper, J. D. Oglesby, r. 23 n. 8th
McLean James H., patent medicines, 3d ne. c. Pine, bds. Everett House
McLean John, mason, r. 74 Biddle
McLean Peter, moulder, r. Morgan nw. c. 8th
McLean Richard, caulker, r. rear 1141 Broadway
McLean Thomas, mate, bds. Iron Mountain Hotel
McLean William, engineer, r. 46 Orange
McLece Daniel, carman, r. 267 Pine
McLepresh William, steward, bds. 245 Broadway
McLenahan James M., clerk, O. & M. Transfer Co., r. c. and Broadway Carr
McLendon James, lab., r. ns, near Chouteau av. junction
McLennan William, carpenter, bds. 104 s. 4th
MCLEOD NEAL N., lightning rods. bds. and Eldorado Hotel, Broadway, b. O'Fallon Cass av
McLevy Henry, bricklayer, 74 Franklin av
McLochlan Tunis, laborer, r. 36 Mulberry
McLochlin Elizabeth, wid. Edward, r. rear 66 s. 7th
McLoe John, carpenter, bds. 226 Morgan
McLoughlin John, carpenter, r. 90 Christy av
McLoughlin Joseph, tailor, r. ws. and 21st bet. Wash Carr
McLoughlin Thomas, city missionary, r. 78 n. 17th
McLure Christopher C., lawyer, sw. c. Grand av. nr. M'Clure
McLure Margaret, wid. William, r. 70 n. 6th
McLynchey James, puddler, bds, L'esperance sw. c. DeKalb
McMahan Edward, lab., r. ns. and Franklin av. bet. 24th Pratte av
McMahan James, lab., r. 14 Poplar
McMahan Michael, drayman, r. 248 Market
McMahan Richard, lab., r. rear ns. O'Fallon bet. 22d 23d
McMahon Anthony, carpenter, bds. 34 s. 10th
McMAHON HUGH, grocer, Clark av. sw. c. Mercer, bds. O'Fallon House
McMahon John, painter, and Clark av. bet. 12th 13th, r.
McMahon John, plumber, r, ws. and 12th bet. Clark av. Spruce
McMahon John, teamster, bds. 12th sw. c. Clark av
McMahon Margaret, wid. John, r. 12th sw. c. Clark avenue
McMahon Patrick, bricklayer. r. 173 n. 11th
McMahon Patrick, lab., r. 91 s. Main
McMain Peter, peddler, r. 386 n. Main
McMain George W., bricklayer, bds. 384 Market
McMAKIN ANDREW, editor, bds. 27 n. 5th
McMan Thomas, drayman, r. 153 n. 13th
McMan Thomas, lab., r. rear 321 s. 3d
McMann Bernard, bricklayer, bds. 215 n. 7th
McMann Hugh, lab., r. 3 n. 18th
McMann John, lab., r. 182 n. 7th
McManning James, blacksmith, bds. 333 n. Main
McMannis Charles, lab., 139 Collins
McMannis John, bds. n. and 2d bet. Lebeaume Webster
McMannis Peter, lab., bds. rear 411 n. Main
McMannus James, r. 278 n. 8th
McMannus James, boatman, bds. 53 O'Fallon
McMannus John, bricklayer, bds. 190 n. 9th
McMans Patrick, carpenter, bds. 327 Washington avenue
McManus, bricklayer, bds., 254 Market
McManus Daniel, waiter, and Virginia Hotel, r. al. bet. 7th 8th, Biddle O'Fallon