St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
McPeak Patrick, shoemaker, r. ss. and Walnut bet. 9th 10th
McPharlan Matthew, bar tender, r. 60 Almond
McPheeters George, carpenter, r. ss. and Gamble av. b. Pratte Emily
McPHEETERS JAMES G., excelsior iron works, 18 Clark av. nw. c. 8th r. Olive
McPheeters Samuel, pilot, bds. 16 Collins
McPheeters Samuel B., Rev., r. 227 Chesnut
McPheeters William M., physician, r. 150 Olive
McPherson Edward B., clerk, r. and 17th b. Carr Biddle
McPherson George E., physician, r. 211 Pine
McPherson Isaac, bookkeeper W. L. Ewing & Co., rooms Washington av. ne. c. 8th
McPherson William M., lawyer, 136 4th ne. c. Olive, r. Locust
McPhetridge Euclid, clerk, bds 16 Collins
McPhillips Michael, grocer, 201 Market, r.
McPorter William, gilder, bds. es. and 11th b. Buchanan Angelrodt
McQuada Patrick, ostler, 8 Wash
McQuade Michael, lab., bds. and ns. Wash, b. 23d 24th
McQuaid George, drayman, r. Mullanphy se. c. 18th
McQuaid Jeremiah, teamster, and 17th b. Cass av. Mullanphy
McQuaid John, dry goods, r. ss. and O'Fallon bet. 9th 10th
McQuiggin Minerva, dressmaker, r. 203 Wash
McQuigley, carman, rooms 267 Pine
McQuillen Hugh, grocer, 190 n. 7th
McQuillen Patrick, produce, r. 186 n. 7th
McQuillen Robert, plasterer, r. and Poplar bet. 12th 13th
McQuillin Catherine, wid. John, r. 50 Orange
McQuin Alexander, millwright, r. 222 Biddle
McQuirk Thomas, moulder, bds. 31 Spruce
McQuiston Joseph, engineer, r. 273 n. 6th
McRae Duncan, physician, 24 n. 5th, bds. n. 6th
McRae James, blacksmith, bds. 181 n. 4th
McRay J., finisher, Kingslands & Ferguson
McRee Fergus S., lawyer, 31 Pine,
McRohow Joanna, saleswoman, J. J. Morrison, r. 87 Brooklyn
McShane Barney, lab., 74 Biddle
McShane James, lab., r. es. al. b. and 9th 10th, Biddle O'Fallon
McShane William, carpenter, r. 290 Washington av
McSherry Hugh, baggagemaster, r. 37 Orange
McSherry Patrick T., (McSherry & McCord) r. and Benton b. 17th 18th
McSherry & McCord, McSherry (Patrick T. McCord) James H. tin and coppersmiths, 203 n. Main
McSorle Barnard, carpenter, r. 556 Morgan
McSorley William, (McSorley & Nolan) r. 6th sw. c. Chouteau av
McSORLEY & NOLAN, McSorley (William Nolan) Joseph P. dry goods 146 n. 3d
McSweeney Dennis, lab., bds. b. and Cass av. O'Fallon, 21st 22d
McSweeney Edmund, carpenter, r. b. and 21st 22d, Cass av. O'Fallon
McSweeney Edward, teacher, r. rear 182 Franklin avenue
McSweeney Patrick, lab., r. and 18th bet. Biddle O'Fallon
McSweeney Paul, stonecutter, bds. Wash nw. c. 24th
McTigue John, lab., r. al. bet. and 9th 10th, Morgan Franklin av
McVeigh John W., teller, Durkee & Bullock, bds. ss. and St. Charles b. 9th 10th
McVeigh Thomas, tinsmith, ss. and Washington av. bet. 5th 6th
McVey Hugh, lab., r. 453 Morgan
McVicker John L., (H. C. Bull & Co.) r. Milwaukie
McVicker Thomas H., constable, 14 Walnut, r. ws. Beckwith nr. Orchard
McVoy Mary, wid. James, r. r. and Carr bet. 22d 23d