St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Malling Catherine, wid.Michael, bds., ss. near Mallinckrodt 12th
Malling Nicholas, teamster, r. ss. near Mallinckrodt 12th
Malloch David J., carpenter, bds. 209 Olive
Mallon Patrick, furniture, 337 Franklin av., r.
Mallone Thomas, bricklayer, r. ss. and Angelrodt b. 11th 12th
Malloney lab., bds. near Grand av. Accomac
Malloney David, drayman, r. 327 s. 3d
Malloney Thomas, lab., r. Lynch sw. c. Buel
Malloney Nora, operator sewing machine, 99 n. 4th, r. 15th se. c. Biddle
MALLORY LEE, manager St. Louis Museum, r, es. and 8th b. Market Walnut
Malloy Denis, lab., r. 261 n. 12th
Malloy John, hides and furs, City Market, r. ws. and 6th b. Biddle O'Fallon
Malloy Patrick, lab., r. 379 n. Main
Malloy Roger, porter, r. Cass av. sw. c. 13th
Malmann Henry, stove mounter, r. 9th c. Spring
Malone Anthony, lab., 7 Washington Court, b. 8th 9th
Malone Bernard, lab., r. and 17th b. Cass av. Mallanphy
Malone Daniel, lab., bds. 21st ne. c. Morgan
Malone James, press feeder, r. ns. and Susan b. May Thomas
Malone John, lab., r. es. and 21st b. Morgan Franklin av
Malone John, steamboatman, r. 116 Collins
Malone Margaret, widow John, r. es. near Lewis O'Fallon
Malone Michael, porter, bds. 116 Collins
Malone Patrick, (T. & P. Malone) r. 300 n. 9th
Malone Patrick, saddler, r. Congress nw. c. Trudeau
Malone Thomas, (T. & P. Malone) r. ns. and Morgan b. 15th 16th
Malone Thomas, carriage driver, rooms 63 Chesnut
Malone Thomas, lab., r. es. Lewis nr, O'Fallon
Malone William, brickmason, r. ws. and 10th b. Spring Wright
Malone William grocer, 372 Morgan, r.
Malone William, painter, 176 n. Green, r. 12th nr. Howard
Malone T. & P., (Thomas Patrick.) bricklayers, 105 Chesnut
Maloney Charles, painter, r. 2d sw. c. Spruce
Maloney John, lab., r. 212 n. 11th
Maloney Michael, lab., r. 321 n. 2d
Maloney Patrick, waggoner, bds. 274 n. 13th
Maloney Thomas, lab., r. rear 194 s. 2d
Malony Bryan, conductor People's line R.R., bds 333 n. Main
Malony Daniel, driver, bds. Lewellen's
Malony John, lab., r. 31 n. 10th
Malony Michael, lab., bds. 11th ne. c. Wash
Malony Michael, lab., r. es. near 14th Howard
Malony Michael, lab., bds. ss. and Carr b. 22nd 23d
Malony Patrick, ostler, rooms 63 Chesnut
Malony Timothy, teamster, r. rear 62 Plum
Malowski Jacob, tailor, r. ns. and Ohio b. Cecile Buena Vista
Maloy M., moulder, Kingslands & Ferguson
Malroney Patrick, policeman, r. n. Market c. 17th
Malsandeck Ferdinand, butcher, r. es. and 11th b. Mallinckrodt Destrehan
Malstram Charles, lab., bds. 29 s. 14th
Maltby Frances F., wid. Degrass, principal Girls' Industrial Home bds. 229 Wash
Maltick Frederick, lab., r. 102 Poplar
Maltmuss Bruno, butcher, r. and Buel bet. Emmet Geyer av
Maltzahn Albert, beer saloon, 89 s. 2d, r.
Malvin Gregg, wid. Henry, r. 61 Rutgers
Maly John, ostler, r. ss. and Franklin av. bet. 24th Pratte av
Mamnger Victor, musician, bds. 206 Market
Man Amos C., brassmoulder, r. ns. and Montgomery bet. 14th 15th
Man John, lab., bds. es. 19th nr. Jefferson