St. Louis directory : containing a directory of citizens, including also a business mirror, appendix, co-partnership directory, &c.,
Marek Francis A., grocer, 287 16th ne. c. Clark av., r. Pine
Marek Francis R., clerk, bds. 287 Pine
Marek Joseph, shoemaker, bds. 331 s. 3d
MAREK JOSEPH F., grocer, and 287 Clark av. c. 16th Pine, r.
Margenan William, waiter, r. 129 n. 14th
Margeroff Joseph, cooper, r. Main ne. c. O'Fallon
Margner John, saloon and boarding, 11 Morgan
Margner Patrick, carriagetrimmer, bds. 11 Morgan
Margrander, Adam, butcher, 12 South Market
Margrander Conrad, butcher, 20 South Market, r. Chouteau av
Margrath Dennis, lab., r. 88 Mound
Margraw Austin, carpenter, r. alley b. Spring Wright R. R. track
Marguart John, carpenter, bds. 180 s. 2d
Marienau Frederick P., porter, H. Gilderhaus & Co., r. ss. and Wash b. 17th 18th
Marie John, razor grinder, r. 229 s. 3d
MARINE HOSPITAL, and Marine av. b. 2d Carondelet av. s. city limits
Marion Alphonse, grocer, 312 s. 5th, r.
Marion Joseph, grocer, 89 s. Main, r. s. 8th
Marizky Joseph, lab., r. es. near Buel Marion
Mark Anthony, tailor, r. es. and Buel bet. Soulard Lafayette
Mark Emil, (Hesse & Mark), r. ws. and Columbus bet. Emmet Lafayette
Mark Frederick, dog trainer, r. and Julia, bet. Hamtramck Closey
Mark Joseph, cigarmaker, r. 8 Spruce
Mark Sebastian, tailor, r. near Main Mullberry
Mark Vete, tailor, bds. and Buel b. Soulard Lafayette
Markenau John, lab., bds. 363 Market
Markendorf Frietz, carpenter, r. 42 Poplar
Markeroff John, cooper, r. 11 O'Fallon
Market Charles, lab., r. ss. and Lafayette bet. Jackson Columbus
Markey John, pilot, r. 94 Myrtle
Markham James, lab, r. 49 Wright
Markham William H., (Reid & Markham) r. 8 s. 16th
Markillic Thomas R., machinist, bds. 109 n. 3d
MARKLAND THOMAS T., tinsmith, 72 Franklin avenue
Markley rec. Peoples R. R. Co., r. ws. and St. Ange av. bet. Hickory Park av
Markman Louis, hatter, r. 1 Franklin bldgs., bet. 6th 7th Franklin av. Wash
Marks Thedore, stonecutter, r. McNair nw. c. Victor
Marks Alexander, millinery, 191 Broadway, r.
Marks Dennis, Eagle Mills, 290 Bates c. Main, r. Olive
Marks Englebricht, tailor, bds. 363 Market
Marks Frank, porter, r. alley bet. 9th 10th n. O'Fallon
Marks Jacob, soap maker, r. and Randolph bet. Mercer Adolph
Marks John, saddler, r. ws. and 22d bet. Morgan Franklin av
Marks Joseph, cigarmaker, r. 324 s. 3d
Marks Lewis, cigarmaker, r. 200 Franklin av
Marks Lorens, lab., r. 12th sw. c. Benton
Marks Michael, paver, r. 178 n. 10th
Marks Peter, lab.. r. 180 n. 10th
Marks Samuel, collector, bds. 133 n. 5th
Marks Simon, hairdresser, bds. 80 Green
Marlatt Elias, carpenter, r. 4 Gay
Marlatt John T., clerk, O. & M. R. R., bds. Barnum's Hotel
Marley Baties, bds. ns. near Chouteau av. Pratte av
MARLEY JOSEPH P., painter, 105 Locust, r. ws. 8th bet. Lynch Lancaster
Marley Patrick, carpenter, r. Cass av. c. 13th
Marling Jacob, moulder, r. ws. s. near 2d Mullanphy
Marlow Charles, furniture, 36 and 38 Washington av., factory Main nw. c. Jefferson r. s. 3d